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declaration dangerous goods

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IMO DANGEROUS GOODS DECLARATION This form meets the requirement of SOLAS 74 chapter VII regulation 5 MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX III regulation 4 and the IMDG CODE General introduction section 9 Shipper Reference number s Page 1 of 1 Shipper s Reference Number Consignee Container packing certificate/vehicle declaration Carrier Name/status company/organization of signatory DECLARATION Place and date It is declared that the packing of the container/vehicle has been carried out in accordance with the...
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Documentation for shipping oxygen cylinders the shippers' declaration for dangerous good must be completed as follows the top part which is relatively self-explanatory includes the name and address of the shipper and consignee and the number of pages some people ship a lot of dangerous goods at one time in this instance we have one page, so this is page 1 of 1 below under transport details we have passenger and cargo aircraft and the other box would have said cargo aircraft only since this shipment is authorized on passenger aircraft the shipper has exit out the non-applicable box which in fact is Hardware craft only same is true with shipment type non-radioactive, and you can guess if you haven't seen it before that the other side says wait you acted as a shipper we ask you not to complete the air waybill number airport of departure and airport of destination if you use a free forwarder such as quicker Stirling we are able to fill these up for you as is the airline itself the middle part of the farm is the complex part I've simply given you this one example there are many others but in this current case which is very, very common you simply put the UN number you will notice that because of the size of the font the shipper could not get UN and 1072 side-by-side inside that column it is not legal to go beyond the confines of the column oxygen comma compressed is the proper shipping name the hazard class is 2.2 but the subsidiary or secondary risk is 5 point 1 this must be put in parentheses either next to or underneath the primary hazard class as shown here 2.2 and of course there's no room, so we put 5.1 underneath there are no hacking groups for this commodity quantity and type of package we have one here's where we get a little tricky the IATA regulations recognize wooden metal fiber board and plastic boxes they do not recognize hybrid boxes or all kinds of other boxes so is very difficult here to know how to describe this box in my example I arbitrarily put wooden slash metal box that's pretty much what it is and generally speaking the airline will accept it if that's what they see in front of them the x means containing and the two kilos indicates the amount of compressed gas inside the oxygen cylinder if you do not know then you weigh the cylinder and take your best estimate as to the difference between the weight of the cylinder and the weight of the gas the weight of the cylinder is called terribly the weight of the gas is called the net weight what we're looking for is the net weight not the weight of the cylinder the packing instruction is 200 the final part of the form is very important because it contains the obligatory 24-hour emergency response telephone over the air line usually is very particular about including all of those words 24-hour emergency response and telephone number 24-hour number not good emergency response number not good they want to have all of those aspects of 24-hour emergency response telephone number also an...
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