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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pa real estate offer form
Music hi everyone its Lara laws and today I'm gonna be going over all the paperwork that is needed to make an offer in in Sylvania they are the pre-approval the consumer notice the buyer financial information sheet the sellers disclosure and the agreement a sale let's go through the five of them the pre-approval you should already have before you even looked at homes unless you are doing a cash offer if you are paying for the property with all cash then obviously you don't need a pre-approval for a loan after looking at your financials a lender will give you typically a one-page pre-approval and it will give you the terms of the loan like the loan amount the purchase price amount any terms of the loan the second document is the consumer notice so the consumer notice you should have been presented with on the very first meeting with your agent and it says on the very top it's not a contract everyone in Pennsylvania should be getting one of these on the very first meeting and it explains the role of the agent so sellers agent buyer's agent dual Allegiant the consumer notice also goes through some of the duties of an agent and for example one of them is to deal honestly and in good faith so it's just two pages front and back and the agent signs it and then the buyer or the seller signs it so the third document is going to be what we call the BSI the buyer financial information sheet the BFI this is a standard form in Pennsylvania that is submitted with an offer if it's a cash offer you don't need this you just need the proof of fun if you're getting a loan the BFI needs to be filled out it's gonna make your offer stronger and basically you fill out the buyer information you answer some questions it asks you about your assets liabilities if you and you real estate your employment information your income information and then you also sign this the sports piece of paperwork is called the sellers disclosure so you will get this from the seller or the sellers agent and it is a really important document so it is 10 pages and it is the law of Pennsylvania that every seller needs to fill this out and sign it there are exceptions which are listed right here on the front page and just some examples would be like anyone who doesn't live in the house you like a foreclosure an estate sale or a new construction so the sellers disclosure is the sellers knowledge of the condition of the property so it goes through everything about the property and the seller will check yes no unknown are not applicable and a seller should really be very thorough and take time and go through this and answer everything and really as the seller what the disclosure does is will protect you from future lawsuits so for example if you have water in your basement as the seller and you know about it you need to disclose that and even if you fixed it you want to say yes there's water in the basement and this is how I fixed it and here's a...