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If there is any reason to believe that sick pay has been misused sick pay may not be awarded. Sick pay will not be paid to an exempt employee or salaried manager after separation from the Company for any reason. MEAL POLICY Employee meals are granted by each RGM independently based on several financial areas of the restaurant s performance. The RGM may from time to time suspend Employee Meals based Orders will consist of standard menu items and be prepared by another Team Member. Discounts We...
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Okay Julie are you all ready to learnhow to make a pizza the right way makingit great yes I'm ready are we gonna cookpizzas now well there's a lot more to itthan just cooking in fact that'sprobably the easiest part but let'sstart this process at the beginningfirst of all for your hands wash suregood mine too all right let's say inorder for a pizza comes in you'll readit and you'll get started on the pizzamaking process right away you have toact fast just think the sooner you getthat pizza in the oven the sooner ourcustomers will be biting into it andtasting houses and they'll have me tothank that's right because we're notjust making pizza we're creating anexperience for our customers think of itas making pizza that makes customershappyI like that our customers expect thesame high-quality product and serviceevery time they come to a Pizza Hut andthat's true whether it's a busy Fridayevening or a quiet Tuesday afternoon ourjob is to make sure they're neverdisappointed I won't let them down okaylet's say the first order we get is fora medium pan pizza with pepperoni andgreen pepper this is the retarder it'swhere we keep the proof dough untilwe're ready to use it so we take out amedium pan prepared by our dough masterand we check it for quality now this onelooks good see if the dough weren'tright if it was stuck to the separatoror it was too flat or it had air bubblesin it then the finished pizza wouldn'tbe right and our customers wouldn't getthe best possible product which theydeserve every time they visit Pizza Hutright so if the dough isn't exactlyright we throw it out and we get anotherone that is now pan pizza is easy to topfirst we start with the sauce and youget the right amount from the spec chartwe go to this chart that says bottomsauce and cheese and we go down to whereit says sauce and we see that a smallgets one level spoon a medium gets twospoons and a large gets three spoons sowhat do we do teaspoons right now wekeep our sauce right here with our otherrefrigerated items we keep this lidclosed except for when we're making apizzafirst spread the sauce to within aquarter to a half inch of the edge nowfor medium pan pizza two spoons equalsfive ouncesbe sure not to pour the sauce on to thecenter of the dough and don't press downwith the spoon because that could causethe pizza to be undercooked it seemseasy enoughit is just be sure to do it exactly thisway every time any variance wouldn't bemaking it great now on our pizzas we usetwo layers of cheese the bottom cheeseand the top cheese right right since wemeasure the cheese will just calibratethe scale with this bowl on it just puta clean bowl on the scale zero it outand then you're ready to go that way wecan leave the bowl on the scale and onlymeasure what's in it that makes...
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