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Approved by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing 03-1-11 Optional Use Date 07-1-11 Mandatory Use Date Page 1 of 9 WB-11 WB-11 RESIDENTIAL OFFER TO PURCHASE LICENSEE DRAFTING THIS OFFER ON DATE IS AGENT OF BUYER AGENT OF SELLER/LISTING BROKER AGENT OF BUYER AND SELLER STRIKE THOSE NOT APPLICABLE GENERAL PROVISIONS The Buyer offers to purchase the Property known as Street Address description if any at lines 165-172 or 435-442 or attach as an addendum per line 434 on the...
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and their agent, may require each Licensee to make a Purchase Order in Form W-8 at its option. The Buyer is required to sign the Purchase Order, and to execute an Affidavit of Compliance. The Buyer is also required to provide the seller with all of the following before the Buyer can close the Purchase Order: (a) The name, address and date the Licensee sells its real property or residential unit and the location of the real property or residential unit; (b) If the real property or residential unit is a condominium or cooperative, the name of, and the address of, the member who is authorized to own the unit. If the real property or residential unit contains two or more dwelling units, then that member is required to list his or her name and address of the unit on the Registration Certificate or by an Affidavit of Compliance before the Buyer can close the Purchase Order. The Seller is prohibited from releasing the Licensee from this obligation, but may authorize the Licensee to waive the required registration. The Buyer must accept the Offer to Purchase and close the Purchase Order within the time period set forth in the Buyer's Order for Acceptance, and must maintain the information provided to the Seller in the Purchase Order through the closing of the Agreement. The Licensee is responsible for making any needed preparations relating to the execution of the Purchase Order to allow the Buyer to execute the Purchase Order. The Licensee may require the Buyer to submit to a background check. The fee for the background check for any person wishing to lease, rent or purchase a unit is $50.00. The Licensee is required to charge the Buyer a $50.00 fee for any cancellation after acceptance of the Offer to Purchase and is responsible for ensuring that the Buyer receives the payment in a timely manner in a Form W-9 or in the form of a check to the Licensee's bank account within the time provided by the Agreement. The Licensee may charge a maximum of one time fee for cancellation. The Buyer is responsible for providing the Licensee with the actual price per square foot determined by the appraiser (or the Buyer's agent, if the appraiser has not been hired) unless the Purchase Order provides otherwise. The Licensee may require the Buyer to post the total price for the property in an independent escrow account (or may require the Buyer to file their own account with the escrow) until the Buyer accepts the Offer to Purchase and closes the Purchase

Who needs a WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase?

Typically, a person seeking to buy residential property in Wisconsin (Buyer) is very likely to initiate the process of compiling a WB-11 together with the Seller. It is explained by the desire to determine the terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities of both parties to exclude possible ambiguous situations or unreasonable claims. Nonetheless, such a step can be taken the Seller as well concerning the similar reasons.

What is WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase for?

WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase is the Contact confirming and protecting the purchase of the real property, listing the provisions, terms and conditions of the transaction and establishing the Buyer-Seller relationship.

Is WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase accompanied by other forms?

Whenever an offer on a house is made, it is highly recommended that it be based on the authorized inspector’s evaluation. In the first place, it serves an proof to the Buyer that the price is reasonable. And second, the inspection reveals all the benefits of the dwelling and possible defects to work on. In fact, the latter is often included in the contract with strict provisions as for amendments’ deadlines.

According to the standard contract, the seller has to provide ALTA form testifying the title as it is stated in the owner’s policy of the title insurance.

When is WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase due?

The Contract always has strict deadlines, specific for an individual case, they are discussed and agreed upon by the parties. If they are not followed the Contract may be considered breached, unless the other party was notified in advance and accepted such a deviation from the deadline.

How do I fill out WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase?

To be legally valid, it is obligatory that the Contract contain the following information:

general provisions, like the name of the licensee drafting the offer, the buyer’s and the seller’s names, the address of the real estate

the financial provisions (the price, earnest money, etc.)

documents’ and written notices’ delivery mode


closing provisions

property’s conditions report

damages and fixtures

deadlines, etc.

the necessary signatures of the Buyer and Seller

Where do I send WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase?

Both, the Buyer and the Seller must have a signed copy of this Contract and keep it until the close date and thereon. There is no need to submit it to any state institutions or offices.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wb 11 fillable form 2021
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Hey guys welcome back TJ by tens the strategic real estate team today we're actually going to be going over the Wisconsin residential offer to purchase it's actually a full nine pages long we're just gonna kind of try to make a quick video of it obviously the shorter the video probably the better we don't want to bore the heck out of you, so we're just going to kind of touch on some major points the key thing to remember is that the blank lines that are actually in the offer to purchase that's where you're filling in the terms of what you're offering the seller and then all the other stuff we'll touch on some of it but up that's the legal stuff base to protect you and protect the seller it explains what happens when if you default it and just walked away or if the seller said they didn't want to sell to you so let's just jump right in here and enjoy okay guys so here we have the Wisconsin residents offer to purchase if you're actually watching this on our website right below this video there should be a little PDF download link, so you can download this and either go through it with us or if you can't sleep tonight you can read through it, and it'll probably help you fall asleep so as you can see right on top we have the date here that we're going to write in that we're writing the offer you got to put the buyers name in for the buyers name you want to put in there however you want to take title to the property so for myself if is I wanted it to be TJ by tense I would just put TJ by tense, but I wanted my middle name in there or just my middle initial I'd have to write that in there so just make sure you put in the buyer as the way you want to take title to the property next we're going to put in the street address after that we're going to move right on down to the purchase price here on line 8 line 10 we talked about earnest money some people don't know what it is you've seen some of our other videos we actually talked about what it is earnest money is money that you're going to send along with the offer just telling the seller that you're serious about the serious about that you're serious about buying the house so if you send a hundred dollars in earnest money that's not very serious if you send a thousand ten thousand obviously we're getting a lot more serious here it all kind of depends based on what the price of the house is so online 14 through 16 we're actually going to be talking about what kind of things are included in the purchase price, so this is where you would put in things like the washer dryer refrigerator stove any other items in the house if there are window coverings things like that if there are things that were not included in the purchase price that lines 17 to 18 that's where we'd write that line 23 27 kinds of talks about acceptance happens when both parties have signed off on the offer 27 is let's say you write this offer on Monday the first, and we put binding acceptance of Wednesday the third if the sellers don't...
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