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7 How long will you stay with this person Part 8 Your Visit Read Guidance at the end of this form 8. 1 If you are not a national of the country in which you are applying what permission do you have to stay in that country 8. 3 Do they already have a visa for the UK 8. 2 Are you travelling with anyone Full Name travelling with. If you have a planned itinerary please submit a copy of this with your Son or daughter s spouse or civil partner out the wrong form. Please refer to your local visa...
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In addition, before submitting your application, ensure you have provided your passport application details such as your date, place of birth etc. (see additional information and supporting documents guidance) and that your passport or passport no longer has stamps or inks on the back. This is as there is a risk that the UK Border Agency could lose the application if you are unable to provide sufficient information. Failure to provide all the requested information may prevent your application being processed. You may be offered a different type of visa depending on the documents you provide. As your application has been received you will now receive a visa. Q6. How and when will my application be processed? A6. The UK Border Agency will normally receive your application for the 'Schengen Visa' (WAS 1) within 7 – 10 working days of being received by KBA. You must: 1. Complete and send your application form in full on time and within the timeframe specified. 2. You should receive an estimate of your visa application fee once your Visa Application Form is been submitted. If your confirmation is not received within 8 weeks of submitting your applications, please contact KBA's dedicated Visa Information Line on: 08701 10 9030 3. When applying on the internet you should enter the following details when registering for online banking or by email. Please ensure that all data and documents are correct before submitting your applications. This information will be reviewed and updated throughout the application process: Name. Address line 2 Address line 3 Country Telephone number (if registered) Address line 4 — e-mail address (optional) National insurance number and date of birth Telephone number (if registered) Address line 5 — postal code Please note that this information is supplied for your online banking/email services. The date this date is entered will be used as the first date (date of application) submitted in the process history for all future visa applications. WAS 1 — VISITOR (VAF1A JULY 2013) 4. The Visa Application Form/Consultation Form should be returned through the above contact method in two days, together with the accompanying confirmation letter confirming the details entered on that form on the date it was submitted. 5.
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