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Music welcome back your beanie family, so today we're to split Croatia it's actually a port town, and it's absolutely beautiful so you can see behind me and with some extra video footage I'm going to roll for you right now so you can just see how amazing the city is I'm loving this vacation it's been absolutely wonderful my next and final stop is Belgrade serbia and the one thing i think I should let you know is my next video will be shot there and what I'm going to do for you is I'm actually gonna stay in a hostel, and we're gonna look at how a hostel runs its business because what they do is they have multiple apartments or multiple rooms and they and all the people have shared spaces like shared living rooms shared kitchens etc now if you have a five bedroom home you can run out the whole thing on Airbnb or you could also just break it up into rooms and so if you're doing like the the private room or shared room thing there's a lot that we can learn from hostels and that's why we're going to go into that so but in this video let's talk about subleasing I know that a lot of you have had questions on how we get around subleasing a lot of you think that this is impossible right because there's no way around if it's illegal the you know this whole arbitrage thing is just illegal you're going to get sued that's actually not the truth so I'm going to give this to you for free so I can put some of your minds at ease on this that way you can have it but the was supposed to go in our course but here's, so you know a little teaser you're welcome so essentially for you those of you don't know what subleasing is it is the lease says that if you sign the lease in you're an occupant right you're staying in this property you cannot put somebody else in the property under you or in replace of you because you are the occupant listed, and they have rights over that decision but here's how we get around it what we do is we form a corporation or even just an LLC when you form an LLC and you sign a lease it's impossible for you to be the occupant because a company cannot sleep in the bed it cannot reside there, so the company has to then declare an occupant right so now what's cool about this is the occupant is then not listed on the lease every time you declare an occupant you're not changing your lease right you're changing maybe an addendum or a rider that goes on the back end and this you can do this as often as you want as a company the building may not like it, but you allowed to so you could change it every day every week every month the only thing you may have to do is have a background check done for the new occupant which some buildings you know make us do which changes you know the way that we incentivize people, so we try to really get longer-term stays there, so we have to do less paperwork per guest but some buildings after they've done business with you for six months or a year they just decide to give up on that, and they're like you know how you...
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