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Employee Evaluation Form Employee Name Position Supervisor Name Date Rating Period from to. Date of Last Raise: Amount $ Pr. This Raise Effective: Amount $ Pr. RATING VALUES: O Outstanding: E Exceeds
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in this video I'm going to show a practical demonstration of an employee performance evaluation using my KSS method keep doing stop doing and start doing hello I'm Stephen Goldberg of Optima's performance and every week I bring you practical tips and ideas on leadership team development and performance management in the workplace in a previous video I cover how to conduct employee performance evaluations and I incorporated the form KSS or the approach KSS along with the form keep doing stop doing and start doing and this method incorporates five core competencies that every employer wants employees to be good at, so I've combined the previous form where I incorporate now the five competencies with a measuring system and a way to set improvement objectives and this is what this video is about it's with my assistant Sonja, so it's an actual performance evaluation it's not just a role-play I'm actually going through the performance evaluation with her based on her performance, so you'll get to see that, and it's a longer video that I normally publish, but I wanted you to get a good sense of this process and watch it to the end or if you have to skip to the end where she actually sets a goal and there's a follow-up that we discuss, so that's really important that you turn this into something that you can follow up on, so I asked you to complete this form, and so we can compare notes and then come up with maybe see if there are things that you can improve on, or I can help you with so let's look at the five competencies here productivity how did you score level of importance oh I put major importance major yeah yeah and what about how did you buy, so I put between majoring critical, so I checked mark both, so it's about a nine we agree on that yes and what did you say your level of achievement I gave myself a seven so in between good and our good and great, so I've written great okay what I gave you an eight yeah I think I'm just in general hard on myself probably because I want to accomplish more, and you know with time constraints, but the intention is always there to accomplish more, so I think that's why I gave myself between six and eight okay so if we were to incorporate the other worksheet do we have it here yeah so in terms of keep doing what would you say keep doing as far as productivity as well in terms of meeting the cost of requirements because that's one of the competencies is to be productive and effective and within a certain budget and cost required, so I think I'm perfect at doing that what I should stop doing is maybe focusing a little too much on details because that could be affecting my productivity I'm extremely detail-oriented, and I might need to do one less check on my checklists so avoid redundancies right and then start doing I don't know maybe start being a little more confident because I think my work is okay and maybe that might be hindering my performance right, so I agree that, and it'll reflect in the next one the...
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