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Thank you so much for your time and service to the kids cruising kitchen program we can only run this program to the generous donation of time from people like you let's take a moment to review what will happen on your day of service a volunteer coordinator will inform you of the time and place you are scheduled to meet up with the food truck it's important that you arrive at your designated location on time so that you can receive any instructions and so that the truck can leave in a timely manner whenever the truck is in motion we ask that you be seated in utilizing the safety belts available you will want to wear comfortable clothing the truck can get very warm during meal service so please dress accordingly closed toed shoes are required for safety we ask that you avoid wearing sleeveless shirts such as tank tops and that you wear modest length shorts you're sponsoring organization may provide you with a t-shirt which we highly encourage you to wear if you are not volunteering through an organization and you are a repeat volunteer please inquire about receiving and kids Cruz and kitchen t-shirt each truck will be staffed with a sight monitor who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the program the site monitor will provide direction and oversight on your day of service a driver who is responsible for driving safely to all sites the driver will also help ensure that the children are acting in accordance with the site rules during the meal service and you the volunteer your role as a volunteer is imperative as you are responsible for placing all the different components of food and the trays to be given to the children there will be two volunteers on each truck all food is prepared and picked up from a local vendor the trucks are equipped with heaters and coolers to ensure that the food is kept safe to consume if you're on a truck while the food is being picked up your site monitor will give you directions on how you can be of most health to them once the food is picked up you are off to your first stop our trucks go to mini locations across the metro area so your drive may be as long as 40 minutes or short as 10 minutes once the truck arrives at its first stop the site monitor will remove the pans of food from the heaters and coolers and check and record the temperatures of the food during this time we encourage you to step out of the truck and take a look at the site if you're interested this might be your only chance to do so depending on how busy the site is while the site monitor finishes temping the food you can grab an apron sanitize your hand and put on a pair of disposable gloves for sanitation reasons please remember to wash your hands again and put on a new pair of gloves whenever you go to the bathroom sneeze or wipe your nose eat or put your hand to your mouth or handle anything other than food once you're ready to go the site monitor will let you know where the milk and packages of silverware are you will place these...