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Give both gross and net salaries per annum for your last or present post. ... any misrepresentation or material omission made on a Personal History form or other ...
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Hi there and welcome to get up and running today's video is going to be on filling in PDF forms now sometimes you're quite lucky and you get a form pretty much like what you see here where the people who have created the form are very helpfully processed it so you can update it yourself so if you want to add a your streak you say my Street and you can update it and tab and save in this case says here you can save the data types in this form which is great because then you can either save it to print it out with all your information typed out nice and neatly or you can even email it back which is super convenient and also means that you can change anything so if you decide you don't actually live in my street but you live in my Road you can do that now wouldn't it be fantastic if every PDF you got that you had to fill in you could do this with but unfortunately most of the time you get a PDF bit like this one which is just a random PDF I've picked up off the internet and you can't there's nothing to click on you can highlight your name you know the text in there in a document that's all you can do maybe get a copy that you can actually write anything there so I'm going to show you now is how you can take a form like this which you can't do anything with and fill in the boxes basically to do this you need to go through the internet and download little program and I'll put a link to this in the description it's basically a program called pdf-xchange viewer now it might set as a viewer but in fact you can do editing you can overtype text and this is a free program ok so you don't need to pay any money for it is that a website called docu - track comm and there are two versions you can download you can just download the ordinary program here and that will just install into your computer but I also found they've got a portable version and this means you can carry the program on your USB stick take it on to friends houses go wherever you go you've always got the program with you it's very very convenient so just whichever version you choose just just download it and when you've downloaded it you can upload your document that you want to edit into the interface ok so this is the same document that we were just looking at that employment document and you're kind of think well okay well I still can't type in a box I'm clicking I can't type but this has a very nice feature if you look at the top here it says typewriter click on typewriter now click in your box now you can type just click again there you go you so you can type anywhere you like now one thing to bear in mind is that this typewriter doesn't really know where the lines are so if you carry on typing in blogs it will just over type everything it doesn't know that their boundary so you just do need to place things a little bit and once you type something if you click on it once you see you've got this kind of size changing element so you can make it bigger or smaller so you can type more in or...