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Sample UK Visa Application 1. Fill out your UK visa information at http //www. visa4uk. fco. 2. Select apply for a visa 3. Follow the outline below to the see common answers to many of the visa questions 4. Print a copy of the completed application for your personal records Application Security Before you begin please complete the necessary security questions below. These questions are for your added security while you are on-line. The information you provide will be required if you...
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(You only need to enter 1 security question). Questions 1 – 7 may be filled in or marked as “NO” Questions 8 – 13 may be filled in or marked as “NO” Questions 18 – 20 may be filled in or marked as “NO” Questions 21 – 25 may be filled in or marked as “NO” Questions 29 – 30 may be filled in or marked as “NO” Questions 31 – 32 may be filled in or marked as “ABSOLUTE YES” Questions 33 – 35 may be filled in or marked as “ABSOLUTE YES” Question 36 – 37 may be filled in or marked as “ABSOLUTE YES” Questions 38 – 39 may be filled in with your name, date of birth, passport code and place of birth for identification only. They do not contain information that will be used for future visa processing.
(required) I have permission to apply. (required) Mabel and Bob 3. (required) Once a year 4. (required) USA (state) 5. (Required) I am a United States citizen. (Required) Not a United States citizen. (required) I live in the United States. (Required) I have traveled to the United States more than once. Do you currently have US citizenship (green card) status? (required) I have applied for a US citizenship (Green card) but have not been issued a passport. Have you ever applied for a US travel document (DV)? (Required) I have applied for a US travel document (DV) but have not received a confirmation letter. Do not leave out your original travel document(s). (Required) I have a valid international travel document (valid for at least 90 days from the date of the application for your entry into the US). (required) If yes, please list the country and rank served in. If no, please provide information about any overseas deployment of service or overseas military ID card(s) for yourself, your spouse, or... 13. (Required) I have applied for asylum or refugee status (I am from one of the nations on the countries of concern list) 14. In the past (not currently) have you been employed by any government agency at any point in time? (Required) Yes 15.
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Choose the option apply for myself to start your application read the information on supporting documents rules regarding false documentation and frequently asked questions carefully and then click to continue the next page will show some of your information check this as accurate and then enter your passport number and your date of intended travel to the UK your initial visa will only be valid for 30 days from the data travel therefore it's important to choose a date in line with your course start date you will now be asked to select a visa category make sure to choose study as your reason for visit PBS tear for student as your visa type and tear for general student as the visa subtype read the information about confirmation of acceptance for studies or CAF's and then click to create an application the next page will provide an overview of your application check the information is accurate and then click on go to application you will then be asked to complete an online application some of your details such as your name and date of birth will appear on the form you should check this information is accurate and then start answering the remaining questions on this page you will be asked to provide details of your passport these details are shown on the biometric page of your passport make sure you enter the details exactly as they appear in your passport click yes to confirm that your current passport is your first Passport you if it isn't your first passport then choose now and provide details of your previous passports answer whether you are traveling on your own or if anyone else such as your dependents will be traveling with you the form will show a date on which you intend to enter the UK this date is the date which you provided at the time of registering an account with UK VI note you can only enter the UK up to a maximum of one month before the start of your course if the course duration is longer than a year if you are coming to the UK for a course that lasts up to six months you can enter the UK up to a maximum of seven days before your course start date your course start date will be stated on your cast statement enter the duration of your course as your intended duration of stay in the UK if you have arranged accommodation in Swansea then enter the details here if not enter Swansea University's details are shown on this video you now go to the next section your address and contact details will be shown here check the information is accurate and then enter how long you have lived at this address now confirm that the above details are your preferred contact details if you want to use a different contact address then click yes and provide alternative contact details if your contact details are the same as detailed above then choose no answer the questions about your travel and immigration history you must answer all the questions answer all the questions as per your circumstances remember carefully read and understand each question and...
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