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Figure 7 TAC 84. 809 b MOTOR VEHICLE RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALES CONTRACT Optional DATE BUYER ADDRESS CITY PHONE STATE SELLER/CREDITOR ZIP The Buyer is referred to as I or me. You and I can also agree to refinance the last installment over another time period or on a different payment schedule. AGREEMENT TO KEEP MOTOR VEHICLE INSURED I agree to have physical damage insurance covering loss or damage to the vehicle for the term of this contract. Scheduled installment earnings method or sum of the...
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Hey everybody Tony Torino here with top-secret autos calm and I'm here today to talk to you about automobile finance contracts we're gonna go over a couple contracts show you what to be aware of what to look for when you get back to the finance office so you can double-check make sure that no hanky-panky is going on no smoke and mirrors no sleight of hand movements by the finance manager once you know these simple little tricks you'll be in control and you won't be able to be smoked by the finance manager so hope you enjoy it let's start right in and take a look at the two contracts that you're going to see the most of when you get back to the finance office the first one here is called a banker system contract probably the most common used the reason that is is because it is generic in that it's it's an assignable contract and what that means is any bank that will approve your loan will accept this contract all the dealership has to do is take this little assignee box and write the name of the bank in there in fact they can do it by hand they can write Bank of America in here and as long as the bank of America approved your loan they will accept this contract okay banker system is probably the number one the number two contract that you'll see back in the finance office is called a law contract law contract also a generic contract as you can see it's much bigger much longer if you look at the back of it the the five prints a little bigger I'm the on the law contract and then what's on the banker system contract but they're both generic they're both assignable contracts so they have a lot of flexibility the other contract you'll see is is going to be through the manufacturer and they will be used in situations where you see the low interest rates the one point nine and the two point nine and the three point nine when they have those low cemented rates from the factory those have to go on a factory or a manufacturer contract GMAC Ford Motor Credit Infinity whatever it is that's that's the time that you'd see one of those contracts kind of exception to the rule not a lot of those kind of deals going on right now but those are typically the three that you'll see the most of okay now what you need to be aware of the first thing you need to be aware of when you look at one of these is you want to be aware of the Fed box in any retail installment agreement whether you're buying a house or a car or a motorcycle or a boat if you're signing a retail finance agreement it's gonna have this Fed box in there and what the Fed box is it is a fully disclosure of what your interest rate is what your payments are your total payments your interest charges it's gonna it's going to disclose all that in this box right here there's one two three four or five boxes and you'll find in our annual percentage rate finance charge amount financed total payments and total sale price that's all going to be disclosed in the Fed box when you get back to the finance office a...
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