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Credit card/Debit Interac slips are not acceptable forms for proof of payment. Sign and complete all applicable parts of this NIHB Client Reimbursement Request Form. Forms that are not signed will be returned to the client for signature. Health Canada Protected First Nations and Inuit Health Branch Non-Insured Health Benefits NIHB Program NIHB Client Reimbursement Request Form Documents required by the NIHB Program to reimburse costs related to health services can be found on the next page of...
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Hi everyone justin here from LA your side calm and today I want to answer the question is how do I get mileage reimbursement for my medical appointments for your work-related injury so you've got injured at work you've been going to the doctor you're entitled to receive mileage reimbursements for your travel and expenses to the doctor's visits so what you need to do is fill out a form the insurance carrier technically supposed to provide this forum to you but sometimes they don't there's a link to a sample form below you can just click that link and fill it out what you want to do is fill out this form and basically you'll write down where you travel to the number of miles and then depending on the years that you traveled the the per diem rate may vary may be different but it depends on the year that you go it's usually around 57 cents but that's been slowly increasing over the years so you want to fill that out and then you need to submit that if you have an attorney representing to submit it to the attorney and they'll convey can submit an insurance company always submit it directly to the insurance company yourself and then required to pay that pay pay you for all the miles that you have traveled to the doctors but it's very important that you keep track of the miles a lot of times now the attorneys are very busy the insurance companies oftentimes don't do it don't do it for you that they wait so you make the request so sometimes we have clients they've waited a few years and then they come and tell us so we haven't been getting our mileage well day and they hadn't let us know ahead of time so it's important that you you submit those right away and submit them you know once a month or every couple weeks or every few months whatever whatever you feel but you submit them on a regular basis and try to submit them straight to the insurance company and they're supposed to pay you if not they then something that your attorney can help you resolve so thanks for watching this video and again if you need a mileage reimbursement click on the link below and you can download a copy thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video if you want further assistance with your work-related injury or you want to talk to a lawyer and get your questions answered or you want us to represent you in your workers compensation case please feel free to give us a call the number below or click the link below and fill out a submission form and we will do our best and work our hardest to ensure that we give you all the benefits that you are in title to under the law and we help you have a smooth efficient case that runs through so you can get back to your healthiest that you can be and also receive all the benefits that you're entitled to thanks so much you