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Application Form Today s date Aa. Personal information Surname Full name Identity number Date of Birth Age Permanent postal address E-mail address Cell no Tel no Sex Male Citizenship RSA Paste ID Photo here Female Other Church Membership name Marital status Never Married Engaged Present occupation Married Widow or widower Scholar Military service University student Technikon student Teacher s training Apprentice Divorced Employer if applicable Name of contact Tel Ab. Information concerning...
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educational qualification : Full name : Email address : Cell no : Birth date : Sex : Male / Female / Other (additional information will be considered) Phone no : (Please note that cell phones have unique numbers. They are different from the numbers on the internet and can be traced in case of emergency.) : Tel no : Other (additional information will be considered) Last name: Street address Street side Number: (e-mail or phone type): * Select: D - Diocese of : B - Catholic Church Residing : C - Conf. Residence : E - Employment Office: L - Office Number: S - Telephone Number: Other Information: * Address: City: State: Zip Code: County: Town: Postcode: A - All counties and territories A - Aldermen Area B - Catholic Board of Education Area C - Catholic Education Board Area D - Conf. Boards - Educational and Catholic Schools Area E - Conf. Boards - Local Government Area F - Conf. Boards - Parish or Area G - Conf. Boards - Religious Activity Area H - Conf. Boards - Religious Activity Area I - Conf. Board - Religious Activity Duties Area J - Conf. District K - Conf. School Boards A - All counties B - The Diocese of B - The Diocese of The Diocese of * If you need to find the place where you were baptized, you can enter your birth date: if You also want to obtain your baptism record in English, please fill in the form below. Do you need help with something in this application form? If you already answered No, see If you are using an e-mail client, please read the Help with e-mailing questions and Answers for users of Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Apple Mac Computers for information on how to send e-mail. (This form is intended only to help you complete the application.) We use these terms on this web site: Application<|endoftext|>We're all over here for the holidays. We've spent weeks planning what we're going to get you, and then you've got to sit around and watch some lame sitcom. We feel so ashamed of ourselves, as we're here, and you're not. So please just sit inside, put on your red coat, and give us a chance to make you feel better about being us instead of you. Here are some options for your Christmas shopping, which you can find and add to your basket, here. The Basket
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