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The official IRS form. Do not file Copy A downloaded from this website. You can only file printed versions of Copy A that comply with Publication 1179. The CTC ...
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Purpose of 1099-H form

The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scannable, but the online version of it, printed from this website, is not. Do not print and file copy A downloaded from this site; a penalty may be imposed for filing with the IRS information return forms that can't be scanned. Caution: Identity Theft (IDT) If you suspect that you are a victim of IDT, do not report the incorrect amount shown in box 1 of Form(s) 1099-G.

Today I want to take a look at a brand-new form for small business for all businesses it's called the 1099 NEC the non-employee compensation again it's a new form, and it's taken part of the information we were reporting on the 1099 miscellaneous and moving it to the NEC, but before we just jump into the form and how it's changed probably just a little of history of why you know it's one thing to say here's the form, but I think the other thing i kind of always want to know why so if I go back over 35 years ago there was actually a 1099 NEC an unemployed compensation and there were several other 1099s so as when we look back at that time they were looking at possibly electronics they were looking at trying to get all the information they could on one form, so they started aggregating it together as time moved on and that eliminated the 1099 NEC back again over 35 years ago, so this is an old form brought back to life, so today our focus is looking at what happened how is this created, so number one is that...
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