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PROPERTY INSPECTIONS ADDENDUM ADDENDUM # dated to Contract of Sale dated , between Buyer and Seller for Property known as . The following provisions are included in and supersede any conflicting language
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A lot of people have a home inspectiondone when they're buying a house in Maryland One of the most frequently asked questions is What sort of things do home inspectors look for Stay tuned because we're gonna go inside and take a peek at a real home inspection Hi i I'm Melissa Spittel a local CarrollCounty real estate agent and I'm here today with Mark Springirth of SpringirthHome Services to talk about home inspections So what's covered in a home inspection In Maryland if you're a home inspector doing inspections you have to be licensed But what Maryland doesn't do they don't require how things get inspected Included with an inspection is pretty much anything that has to do with the home itself The roof the exterior the windows your doors the electrical system the plumbing system all your heating your ac and the interior of the home When it comes to looking for an inspector there are a couple key things that I think are good to look for One is how do they inspect the house Do they do anything over & beyond what the state of Maryland requires Maryland requires a representative number of items to be checked so they don't have to check every single item But that's one thing you want to ask them Do you do a representative a number or you do you check everything Do you check every outlet Do you check every window How do you inspect the roof Some inspectors inspect from the ground Some inspectors use binoculars Some walk the roof some use a drone So there's a bunch of different ways to inspect it What other items do those inspectors include with the inspection Do they use thermal imaging Do they have a maintenance program for you to use for your house One thing that's good to ask a home inspector when you're going to book your inspection if you're calling around to different companies is to see how they inspect the attic In the state of Maryland you're not required to walk the attic as a home inspector all you have to do is if you can look up into what they call a scuttle hole and then look around the attic But if your inspector can getup into the attic and walk around they're gonna see a lot more thanif they're just in one spot One big area is to look at the bottom of the roof sheathing That's gonna give you a good idea if 1- if the roof's beenreplaced 2 - it's gonna give you a good idea if there's any water staining If the roof hasn't been replaced and there's water staining that kind of lets you know as a potential buyer it probably has an active leak If it looks like it's been replaced recently and there's water staining that could be something that happened in the past but it's still good to document that Let's say you're going to sell the house in 5 years If you have that documented from when you did your inspection you can always say Oh no that was there It's always kind of good to get those pictures Finding out if your...