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Company Information Company Name Address City State ZIP Code Phone Employee ID SSN Employee Information Name Bank Information Commerce Bank Routing Transit 1000 Walnut Street Kansas City MO 64106-2123 For any direct deposit related questions please call 1-800-453-2265. Deposit Information Account type Checking Savings Money Market Account Amount or I authorize the above named employer to make deposits in the Commerce Bank account s identified above and electronically and under the Rules of...
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a deposit dilemma hundreds of people woke up on pay day only to discover their money wasn't there 41 Action News reporter Gabriela Pugin joins us live outside Commerce Bank Gabriela what happened today you guys it was such a stressful day for so many people coming down to the bank wondering what went wrong and while things are back to normal now customers tell me it's not that there was a glitch it's just how they were alerted to it and Betty didn't happen sooner that's all I care about that's what everyone cares about is the money except it wasn't their commerce customers were up in arms Friday after the bank experienced a direct deposit issue during nightly processing what happened when you woke up this morning um excuse my language Brown my pants because I mean it's payday and you know you expect your money to be there my money wasn't there Raven bun wasn't the only one Stephanie Dickerson is banked with Commerce for more than 13 years and made four separate attempts to try and deposit her husband's paycheck we have family in from Maine so it's cut into our busy schedule they're leaving tomorrow so this day was truly jacked up because it took away our precious time with family and that is what many are taking issue with they say Commerce Bank failed to notify them directly instead using social media to get the word out did the bank ever tell you what was going on no we don't I didn't hear them to make and I try to call and they no answer for a lot of people but what can you really do about it if anything whenever you have a problem with your bank being proactive is the best thing you can do notifying whoever's gonna be withdrawing money out of your account notifying the bank is actually holding your money or should be holding your money letting them know early and often that there's an issue and that's obviously not your fault documentation is key so keeping track of your phone calls emails back and forth talking with customer service and saving screenshots rapp says is your best bet when it comes to protecting yourself ultimately the best thing you can do is just be proactive and hope that it doesn't actually cause you any real harm now rap also says that there is a liability there's a possibility for liability but that would depend on the damages the amount and how much if it's a thirty dollar overdraft for you guys you can probably bet you're not going to have a case but say your mortgage payment bounces that affects your credit you go into foreclosure then that is much more than a slap on the wrist for now reporting live in Kansas City Missouri Gabriela Pegg on 41 Action News all right thanks Gabriela come our cent 41 Action News an update about an hour ago and the spokesperson says the direct deposit issues are now resolved the mobile and online banking systems back up and running they apologized to all customers for what happened and you can call the...