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Wood Destroying Insect Infestation Inspection Report This is not a structural damage report. This form may not be altered. Section 1. General Information Inspection Company, Address, & Phone:
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I like to look at how the house weighs on the property you've got some gutters the governor's look like they're a pretty good repair and that's really important to the thing that we we have to focus on is moisture moisture moisture insects love moisture and if we can eliminate moisture from around our homes we're actually non-chemically eliminating those insects and pests from around our home so as I approach the house I look I try to look at the way it lays on the overall subdivision this is on a hill there has two projects holding this thing around what this is bad and the reason why this is bad is the water is coming off here hitting the rocks splashing around and that's why there's a depression here and see that depression is a concentration of moisture now add that along with all this decomposing matter these wood chips these are rib tips for termites don't use these around your house now there are lot of alternatives Rock is one of the greatest alternatives because Rock actually heats up when the ultraviolets headed and they disperse heat insects do not like heat and and he also dries the perimeter around your foundation which also aids and of course moisture control in the basement moisture moisture remember that as I look for the foliage sits around the house your plants and vegetation is it trimmed back I have a couple feet between those plants in my foundation wall that again allows air to get through here to try the moisture and also for sunlight to come through here it also prevents animals from nesting right next to this such as raccoons skunks possums in the life now the other thing I look at as I approach this and I'm looking up and when I look up in here I'm seeing we've got a mold issue going on under here we've got some wood rot going on and again this is things that obviously termites we're destroying insects like powder post beetles and carpenter ants will favor I mean this is rock this is what destroying organism on here it's known as rot this needs to be replaced wrapped with aluminium and or painted and you can see they've done some repair here just not enough staining staining on siding right now I don't see any staining up here which is a good thing but what I do see is this down spot you see the stain on their downspout that means that this is either Claude and or failing but either way it's failing so that tells me that water is not even coming down this downspout it's pouring here and if their water pours down at those two joints it's getting in behind this mm-hmm which is very bad and it's also than selling here next to the foundation wall so not only do we have to be concerned with the moisture from the foundation and basement perspective from a pest-control perspective the moisture is critical as well critical again giving those insects a viable areas in which to live okay that means all the water is coming down here right next to this...