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Public Service Health Care Plan (SHIP) Claim Form Out-of-Country Claims (Comprehensive Coverage) The SHIP is administered by Sun Life Assurance Companies of Canada, a member of the Sun Life Financial
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hi folks welcome to week 2 which is how to make your live life claim in addition to that the introduction of keeping your own sweat equity your commercial energy that which you make as your commercial energy is yours and nobody else's so what I'm going to do on this particular webinar I'm going to teach you how to create an evidence of life or be it a claim of the life and what that does it allow every single bureaucracy on this planet to know that you're no longer under the Miskito view Trust, and I'll be talking through these documents with you right now so let's move on to my desk where these documents are okay first thing is first this is my live life claim this is the one that I originally did it's got Miller's flag of course on it week, and I'll show you how to make these things now if I turn it over unfortunately reveal too much about my personal details, but I'm sharing this with you because you need this just to let you know none of this is theory this is the document the Treasury note of the club of 300 okay it's in my position and you folks will have a copy of this if you need a copy email me okay but as you can see these people are making contract well what does that mean it means enlist you have a live life claim or some sort of evidence of life you can't make contract and as a result you can't make claims, and you cannot certify to the world who you are what you are and that you're out of the Miskito deed trust okay, so I will show you all right Elizabeth II what she's doing here is she is witnessing for a person that's or autograph saying that this person who he is okay, and you see this is a certificate of live birth it's not a certificate a birth certificate certificate certificate of life sure how about sorry about the listing of the words folks, but I want to let you know I don't teach theory it's only first-hand knowledge okay so if you want some of these documents email it to me, and I'll send it to you all right, so you know what a life like plane is this SQL trust and of course you've got to read through it to understand what it's asking you to do all it's asking you to do is put your name on a piece of paper who your parents are and have it with two witnesses and of course the Pearl go through some sort of postal system, and before you know it you'll have the means by which to have a life like claim to get you out of this trust position okay as you know when you go into court the judges are wearing what a black robe to say that you are dead what does that mean it means that they are honoring their dead that's the robe that they drape on coffins okay look it up war if I've got time what I'll do is I will put up some of these links for you okay now this is in fiction of course evidence of life it's a 206 form of what the courts do with this is that they when you win a claim what they do is that they ask you to fill this tower, so that gives you temporary relief from the dead as it were, and then they give you what is due to...
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