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7Day ADL Flow Sheet Record for MDS 3.0 Resident name: Room/Unit #: CODES Column 1 Codes: Selfperformance Column 2 Codes: Support provided 0 Independent (no help from staff) 1 Supervision (no touch,
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good morning everybody thank you for joining us today welcome to todays webinar activities of daily living tips and tricks for the caregiver my name is Brook Phillips from the marketing manager at Shield healthcare just a few housekeeping items before we get started all attendees will be in listen-only mode if you have questions please type them into the Q&A box on the bottom right corner of your screen if your question is for Barbara well be covering them at the end of the presentation so your speaker today will be Barbara West with capital nursing education Barbara received her masters of nursing at Yale University in 1993 her wound ostomy continent certification from Emory University in 2011 Barbara has 12 years experience in hospice and her experience in home health includes working with patients of all ages for both UC Davis Medical Center and for Sutter she has held several physicians with Kaiser most recently working in Sacramento at the general surgery outpatient clinic in Vacaville in inpatient performing full-scope wound and ostomy care shes currently rediscovering the joys of foot and nail care at the Sacramento ortho podiatry outpatient clinic Barbaras first full-length book of poetry is also forthcoming from cold river press Barbara its all yours hi good morning Brooke thank you for that kind introduction welcome everybody to activities of daily living tips and tricks for the caregiver Im so glad you could join us this morning weve got a lot to cover here so were going to be going at a fairly fast pace these slides will be available for you to see afterwards so Im not going to cover every single item on the slides but the information is here for you to reference lets first talk about our team number one on the team is the person whos needing help with activities of daily living we might call them the patient our loved one a care receiver then we have the caregivers family friends hired caregivers nurses aides occupational therapists or OTS physical therapists or pts and speech therapists I want you to be familiar with those three abbreviations OTS pts and STS because those are your key helpers when it comes to activities of daily living Im going to be presenting a lot of information today but that none of that replaces the personalized care you can get one on one when youre dealing with one of these therapists to our our key players for activities of daily living an ADL is the abbreviation Ill be using today ADLs means activities of daily living the things we do to get through our day ive never provided long-term daily care for anyone other than my son when he was a baby but ive worked with patients and Families on hospice home health and now as a wound care nurse so ive seen a lot of what does and doesnt work for this presentation im going to assume that we share the goal of wanting to maximize folks ability to do their own ADLs however there are situations where being less successful at ADL can benefit patients for example if...
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