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Richard HONOLULU: Leo, This letter is addressed to you in the interest of transparency and to ensure that the information provided by you to the Hawaii'i Supreme Court and the Judiciary Committee of the Hawaii'i House of Representatives is accurate and complete. Under the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act, you are required, pursuant to the Hawaiian Rules of Professional Conduct, to provide information to the Judiciary Committee of the Hawaii'i House of Representatives and to the Supreme Court upon request. In addition, pursuant to your obligations to disclose, you are required to provide the public, and are required to make information available to the public, all the following information: (1) (A) Information concerning any pending or impending matters and any change to your address or office address; (B) The names of people serving as your agents, attorneys, consultants, assistants, and employees; © The name and address of every person or entity who has ever paid you money or delivered any goods, services, and/or property; (D) All of your current financial interests, if any, and your current liabilities; (E) Any current, past, or contemplated litigation; (F) If appropriate, your knowledge or belief of the matters raised in your letter; and (G) Your representation, as attorney or otherwise, concerning the following matters: (i) The legal authority under which you are working; (ii) The identity of an attorney, independent contractor, consultant, volunteer, or employee of your choosing; (iii) You and any other parties you represent as to the accuracy of all information contained in this letter; and (iv) Whether and to what extent you are representing the parties named in your letter or other persons with whom you have any contractual relationship. (2) You are required, upon request, to produce to the Supreme Court and Judiciary Committee and to the legislative staff the information above requested that you provided in the letter dated 2/13/2009. In addition, for each person who you are representing as an agent, attorney or firm, you must provide to the Supreme Court and Judiciary Committee and the legislative staff all the information, with respect to your representation of that person, that they request. To be eligible to represent another person, you must be otherwise eligible by law.
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