Application to visit Australia for tourism or other recreational activities Form 48R CRO Molba za dolazak u Australiju u turisti ke ili druge sli ne rekreacijske svrhe Molimo pa ljivo pro itajte sljede e informacije PRIJE nego to ispunite svoju molbu. Tko bi trebao upotrijebiti ovaj obrazac Ovaj molbeni obrazac ispunite ako ivite izvan Australije i elite podnijeti molbu za izdavanje vize za posjet Australiji u turisti ke znamenitosti iz dru tvenih ili rekreacijskih razloga posjet rodbini ili...
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Okay so I'm going to login to the core online portal and I'm going to do a b-1 submission so everybody's got their own login details username and password if not you create a an account using the registration form and the email address and password they're important because you're going to use the exact same email address and password to file every form every submission type in cor so I'm going to log in and so the first screen that I'm presented with is the workspace and this shows me stuff like my previous save drafts stuff that I have submitted and I'll come back to this later after I do the b1 so the first thing I'm going to do I'm going to go file a forum and I'm going to go to b1 annual return and I'm presented with a pop-up screen which will ask me for the company number and it needs to be a violent company number for enter and your rubbish it will say invalid so I'm going to enter five six three and I hit enter and if it's valid we get on to the b1 forum where it's pre-populated with most of the details there are a lot of other little details that need to be added and I will go through them so here I have a draft and at the moment it's not saved so if I go back to my workspace I'm not going to see this actual submission not until I save it so if you want to save something everything on that particular screen must be valid so I try to save now and I get a red X and it's asking me for an email address so it means if you see a red X on the screen you won't be able to save and if it saves successfully you'll get a green message which will show the draft ID okay so I'm going to enter now I've entered an email address the email address must be in a valid for rush so if I take out a dot for example test ash it is not valid so I need to have something at something calm or - whatever so now I've gotten rid of the red X now I can save and here we have the green message and the draft ID so a green message means everything has completed the way you wanted to and if there's a problem there will be a red X on the message so I'm going to go back to the workspace and the draft that I've created is here that's 173 I'm going to load up this draft because this is one I was working on earlier and so I've got everything that I need enter done on this one and so let's say I'll go through each step so I'll use the next button so what when you have everything completed on this page it would let you move on to the next step but similarly as I said about the Save button if there's something missing it won't let you move on so here it's saying required details company email address so go back and email address now I can move on to the next time so when you hit the next button if there's inner tabs it moves across through the tabs and then when it gets to the end it moves down along the left of the screen so other addresses if the company has another address you hit add out the details or you can modify the details that are already there and that's done by...