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National Guard E4 Evaluation Form.pdf DOWNLOAD HERE Personnel Evaluation Evaluation Reporting System http //armypubs. Doc E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 M1 R1 R2 R3 W1 W2 CS2 CS3. FCCLA Star Event Manual and Occupational Proficiency Events Guidelines. Speaker Evaluation Form. Brochure. ARMY AGR VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Uniforms and Insignia Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms. army. mil/epubs/pdf/r6233. pdf. Disposition of Army National Guard evaluation reports. enclosure to the electronic form in the...
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YouTube is going on mr. Boyd true thought making another video dealing with some more topics concerning military Army National Guard and what I've learned so far what I'm known as I research and find out more information today we're talking about ranks well pay grade we'll be talking about some of the educational benefits as well as TRICARE benefits for those who have sworn in become official members of the military or for those who may be interested in doing so so let's first start off with just the ranks and pay grade within the Army National Guard those ranks are the same across the board with all branches of the military starting off with the e1 all the way up to lose e9 if I'm not mistaken when you first come into the military if you come in with no high school or no no college experience no college credits you'll be coming in as a e1 and as an e1 you know you're pretty much on the bottom of totem pole now I say that just because that's what everyone else says however essentially for e 1 e 4 you're pretty much in a position we have most people in the military being able to tell you what to do so while being an e1 may put you know technically on the bottom of the totem pole whether you want to e4 you still are now going to be catching a lot of crap from a lot of people so that's really not that's really not anything that matters right now at this point I'm an e4 because I have my college degree and so if you do have some college credits and you have your high school diploma you can actually go up to e3 I think it's things 30 college credits you've had at least 30 college credits I think you can earn a rank of III at some point now I'm not sure how it is in the active army or not on the Army Reserves by know an Army National Guard when you report to RSP there's a program called stars for stripes that you can do if you're not a 1 or a 2 and you want an opportunity to increase your rank thus not increasing your pay grade and so once you complete the stars for stripes I know there there's a PT test that goes along with it and some of the skill based tests that go along with it once you've done that you have the opportunity to go from e1 to e2 and like I say if you have unit if you have college credits you can also go up to an e3 so and that's all before you go to basic now whatever you are and by the time you get to basic is what you're going to be so you don't get to go from e1 to e2 or e3 and basic but if you have enough time between the time that you have joined the military and the time that you are shipping off to basic training you may have the opportunity to increase your your rank before going to basic training which i think is a really good really good opportunity for for lighting up for a lot of people coming in it just gives you an opportunity to increase your pay my sin and start kind of making some inroads and your military career excuse me early on next let's talk about bonuses now when you are no structure for your MOS depending...
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