PARENT S INFORMATION 2 SSN 4 RELATIONSHIP DD FORM 137-3 JAN 2008 SEPARATED MARRIED DIVORCED WIDOWED b. CONTROL NUMBER OMB No* 0730-0014 OMB approval expires Nov 30 2010 DEPENDENCY STATEMENT - PARENT The public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 1. 25 hours per response including the time for reviewing instructions searching existing data sources gathering and maintaining the data needed and completing and reviewing the collection of information* Send...
dd form 137 3

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Who needs a DD Form 137-3?

A DD 137-3 is a form developed by the US Department of Defense, which is officially known as a Dependency Statement - Parent. Logically, it should be used by military members who want to make their parent a dependent.

What is Form DD 137-3 for?

The DD 137-3 Form, or adult function report, should be filled out to claim the parent’s dependency, and provide all the information required by the Department of Defense to determine the relationship between the claimant (sponsor) and the parent and verify the member's eligibility for authorized benefits.

Is DD 137-3 Form accompanied by other forms?

The completed form is not enough evidence for the DD office to make a positive decision as for dependency claim. To ensure proper consideration of the application, it is necessary to attach the following supporting documents:

  • a copy of parent’s birth certificate
  • parent’s or claimant’s marriage certificate to reflect the parent’s name
  • in case the parent has any health problems, it is necessary to attach a medical statement
  • and finally, if the claimant is retired, statement confirmation this fact should be provided too.

When is DD 137-3 Dependency Statement Form due?

The fillable DD 137-3 Form does not have a strict due date; it needs to be submitted when deemed necessary by the sponsor and/or dependent.

How do I fill out the 137-3 Form?

Following the instructions, part 1 and 2 must be filled out by the sponsor, they are also required to sign and date the form. The other parts of the fillable 137-3 DD Form must be completed, signed and dated by the parent. Finally, the form must be notarized.

Where do I send filled out Form DD 137-3?

The properly completed form should be directed to the local serving payroll or personnel department office.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dd form 137 3
Instructions and Help about dd form 137 3 fillable

Hello and welcome to the C tutorial on how to complete the Department of Defense form 137 - three or dependency statement - parent form the purpose of completing a DD form 137 - 3 is to establish the relationship and dependency status of the claim dependents parents or parents in law the DD form 137 - 3 contains 12 sections in which all sections must be answered if any question does not apply to your situation please write not applicable or n/a in that block incomplete answers or unfilled boxes will delay final action on the application before you begin filling out the form please be sure to read and understand all of the instructions and notes provided in the instructions box please note the service member must complete items 1 & 2 and sign and date the form on section 12 C additionally in this e tutorial the term member and sponsor will be used interchangeably in block 1a please place an X on each entitlement that is being requested are you requesting basic allowance for housing or ba or uniformed service identification and privilege card or USIP card commonly known as an ID card the secondary dependency office of your branch of service will verify that you meet the eligibility criteria set forth by Congress for the requested entitlements next answer block 1b is this your first application if yes mark yes if this is not your first application please mark no and provide the date of your last application in block 1c indicate whether the claim was approved or disapproved the information requested in section 2 member information relates to the sponsor please include the members name social security number rank and status section 2 e asks for the members current residential address and the complete military unit address if the sponsor is on active duty if the sponsor is now retired you should write not applicable in block 2f the information requested in blocks to G H and I must be clear and up-to-date the secondary dependency office uses the information in these boxes to communicate with the member if more evidence or clarification is required to complete the claim please provide a good working telephone number email address if applicable and the sponsors marital status the information requested in section 3 parents information is only about the claimed parents including parents in law and in loco parentis in loco parentis is a person who stood in place of the natural parents to the military service member for a continuous period of at least five years before his or her emancipation this section is only for the parents that are being claimed this section continues on page two and must be completed in full please make sure to fill in all information for each parent claimed parents information regarding occupation name of employer and marital status are important elements which must be included finally in section 3 you must fill in the names and Social Security numbers of all living children including yourself branch of service if applicable...

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Please select a version for Fillable DD 137-3 form
  • 2018 DD 137-3 Fillable
  • 2016 DD 137-3 Fillable
  • 2008 DD 137-3 Fillable
  • 2004 DD 137-3 Fillable
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