New Customer Setup Form Template. pdf Free Download Here 7351 KIRKWOOD LANE NORTH Date New Account Set-Up Form http //www. Doc. include the Customer. Copy the Template-Project. Code Setup Form on Shared folder. New Project Initiation Process. Http //www. isohd. com/pdf/new-customer-setup-form-template. pdf Use This Reorder Form Template. Print This Form And Fill In. Use this Reorder Form Template. Form used for a new Purchase. when he/she contacts Citibank Customer Service. for your Agency s...
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So hi everyone this is paolo again fromjust another gang blog this is my firstself force tutorial and on this tutorialI'm going to teach you how to set upSalesforce communities so but before Ido that a quick intro on what Salesforcecommunity is so it's a way for you toconnect to your customers partners oremployees you could have a community forself service you could have it used byyour salespeople by your partner or yourresellers or it could just be aknowledgebase be internal or public sothose are some use cases for Salesforcecommunities so before we get started youjust have like a checklist on how to dothis so check out the licenses let mecheck with your Salesforce accountexecutives for that have a domain readyfor what you want for your community and Music the others you could do later like thebranding the logo and everything but toquickly set it up those are what youneed so let's get started so first thingto do is go to setup I'm going to checkthat I have the licenses that I need soif I go do that if I go to companyinformation yes really want to go sinceI'm just using a developer accountdeveloper edition accounts I havelimited licenses but they are there so Ihave a community customer communitylogin and I have customer community Plusthis trip I'll get each you I'm going toshow you how to use the communitycustomer community block I have thelicenses that I need so I'll go therenext step is to clone the profile so gounder my users the control filesand Clos the customer community pluseasier I'm just going to click on thatand I'm going to call this theircommunity plush and it's saved and nextthing I want to do is enable communityso if I go to all communities now notjust communities you can be enabled forso community settings click enable andthen specify a domain so for this domainI'm gonna say dang communitycheck availability it's available Iclick on save once you enable thecommunity it cannot be disabled sothat's this warning click OK andcommunities is now enabled so now wecould fight building community you couldbuild up to 100 communities it's like sofor this one let's start on a newcommunityso that's it so it launched thelightning bolts wizard and now it'scalled lightning bolts but this is thewizard for selecting a template so thesubtle tub with a suit from you havecustomer service or code name Natalieyou have Salesforce tab + visualforceyou have Cola and you have Cola andAloha if you notice with a padlock onthis template that's because you requireto enable knowledge first and then youwould be able to use this template sobut for this one I'm going to selectcustomer service Napoli I'm going toclick get started I'm going to give it aname you just kind of call it thing andoptional URL I'll just give it there aswell great so behind the scenes to startcreating all the...