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Office Cleaning Services Bid Proposal This Packet Includes: 1. General Information 2. Instructions and Checklist 3. Office Cleaning Services Bid Proposal General Information Office Cleaning Services
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This is a quick video on topics you can include in a janitorial or commercial cleaning proposal the first page is a cover letter where you can just outline what your company is about maybe how many years you've been in business 20 buildings your service industry specialize in right here is a very proposition that you can drop in safety would be good for something like manufacturing or distribution some government jobs might have to find something else for Class A office space or medical or safety might not be as important you next page you can create a price page we just outline what the monthly cost is what the annual cost is if sales taxes is included or not the days of week the hours that you'll be providing the service if dave porter service is included and during what hours you specialty services what specialty services are included on what rotation if it's an extra charge then what is that extra charge building cleaning schedule the frequency of all the different tasks I think using a table is actually a lot easier so you might want to create a table in Microsoft Word and I think it's a lot easier to look at but this is just an example what tasks you will complete any offices common areas restrooms break room they have a plain area who include of course who includes the paper products who's paying them you or the plant or the client you safety rules safety is very important in a lot of industries not all but in a lot of industries listing your safety program what the rules are how often you meet when you have sign offs if you have some kind of a safety booklet your hiring policy how you find people what the process is training uniforms do use badges this is a desk cleaning can always be problematic so it's always good to either create a flyer or you can create a little rap card to put on people's desks so that we we don't ever have to touch any of their personal belongings your inspection process how often are you inspecting obviously is weekly for a larger account it might be daily what you are inspecting your training checklist you can list how you train people what are the tasks how often you go over it with them how long you work with a new employee for training you equipment capabilities again this is going to go company to company contract to contract which you can list the different pieces of equipment that you're going to bring on the job especially if it's any big investments that you need to bring in also your detergents if there's anything unique that you need to point out for your the different cleaning chemicals you use this is a good good time to let them know you and of course client testimonial client testimonial is very very effective this is a good time to do a case study study even maybe you can list some clients with some pictures and testimonials from any years long-term clients especially if you can find somebody in a similar industry or somebody that is part of this same group as you networking group associations you...