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indiana spoa power attorney

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Prepared by recording requested by and return to Name Company Address City State Phone Fax Zip ----------------------Above this Line for Official Use Only--------------------- SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR CLOSING REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION Agent for Seller STATE OF INDIANA COUNTY OF KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT THAT I whose address is City State Zip desiring to execute a SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY hereby appoint of GRANTING unto my Attorney-in-Fact full power to To do all things necessary to...
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_______________________________ ATTORNEY FOR SALE _______________________________ Name: ____________________________ STATE OF ILLINOIS Date filed: ______________________________ County of Record: ____________________________ Date of event: ____________________________ State of Real Estate Sale or transfer: Yes _______________ No _______________ City of Person making a record: _______________________________ Date signed: _______________________________ Date of birth: _______________________________ Title: _______________________________ Date of transaction: _______________________________ Not Applicable ________/I______________ Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a copy of a Certificate of Title to a lot (Lot No. 2) on a lot (Lot No. 1) which I sold on Sunday, April 26, 2018, at the sale by lot numbered 5 in Lot No. 1, East 6th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. The total commission was 10,000 with the following discounts/discounts/commissions: 5,200 in the event I sold the Lot No. 2. 2,400 if I sold the Lot No. 1 for the price of 5,200. 400 if I sold the Lot No. 2 for the price of 10,000. 200 if I sold the Lot No. 3 for the price of 50,000.

This Special or Limited Power of Attorney for Real Estate Sales Transaction By Seller form is for a Seller to authorize an attorney-in-fact to execute all documents and do all things necessary to convey a particular parcel of real estate for Seller.

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Instructions and Help about indiana spoa power transaction form
Hi we're going to be filling out a limited power of attorney form from power of attorney form calm so to get started this is page one the title this is the body language in here which is just all the legal statements and legal jargon that every all 50 states need in order to make this legal but what you do you're going to be filling out these fields that are going to be all highlighted here and to get started we're going to do the name of the person granting power or otherwise known as the principle there are the ones who have all the power right now, but they're going to be handing it over to somebody else we'll just make up a name and say Johnny Appleseed street address of Johnny is going to be one two three Apple Way and apple Villa I'll call it and I will say he lives in Kansas I'm aware he was originally from it seems like I would state you would be so anyways now we're going to get to the person who is called the attorney-in-fact or agent as you can see here, but they're the ones that are going to be getting all the power Johnny's granting them power, and so we'll just use Johnny's made-up wife Anna and again hopefully they're at the same address you would think and seeing this it's a limited power of attorney form this is most widely used with real estate transactions where someone is out of town, and they have a closing on their house, and they have a let their wife or some other legal representative sign everything for them at that closing, but it could be anything be bank transactions anything so what you do here is basically just type in a detailed description of what they're doing, so we'll say real-estate transaction on January 15, 2012, so and then what we get to in the lower part is an optional area where just in case Johnny's wife is not able to attend the closing you can have a backup attorney in fact I don't suggest using this because with me anyway trusting one person with everything I own is or even at a particular matter like this is one thing but to trust two people, but you know everybody's different and this is where you would have them type in their name street address city state same as above its pretty easy and then again just more legal jargon, and you date so go on below this basically just says that Johnny Appleseed is of sound mind that has not mentally ill or and he's above 18 years old just something that the states require signature some people do what's called a digital signature which is legal, but I always say that you print it out and sign is always the best this is the witness attestation which is basically you have around half the states in the country allow for two witnesses and that's legal for a power of attorney form and some states off say that you need a notary so if you're in one of the states that witness two witnesses is okay than all you would do is just have your witnesses print sign print their name sign, and you're done but if you need a notary to sign then you go to your there's a notary at...


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