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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing website agreement sample
hey guys it's JP your typical web design Oh today we're gonna do a simple video on web design contractor I did this video because in the past I've dealt with clients who pretty much tried to exploit loopholes in contracts and you know go out of the way to make you lose money or have to do something that you really don't want to do so I mean just thinking about it has me like I don't want to protect you guys so what I've done is outlined the best way to present our design contract and the content of it and I hope this helps stay tuned don't forget to subscribe and keep watching on how to create the best web design concept this contract is gonna start off with a summary now the summary of this contract is gonna stay that here are the two parties involved this that this client at this address give you the developer from this address the contract is gonna run through all the details of this project on both parties are expected to adhere to them and you're gonna state this another summer within the summary that the final cost of the project is X amount of money and it is expected to be paid when the product is complete and full and then you're gonna move on to the next section of the contract which is gonna be the roles and responsibilities of each person involved which is them the client and you the developer so we can start with your role as it available know within the contract you're gonna state that as it available arm you're expected to be a professional you're gonna let the client know that you will meet the deadlines in time and they will have a finished product that goes along with you know what was discussed or what was presented or what was agreed to before this you should have done a step before you have the contract dropped it up or you can do it afterwards you could just work that section differently now it's for the clients expectations now the client they're expected to hand over the appropriate information needed such as text or photographs in the appropriate deadlines they're also expected to you know meet the financial obligations for this website and their expenses follow the general rules of the contract so that section again it's very general now we're going to move into the other section of this contract which is down to the nitty gritty and the fine details of everything so part two now part two of the web design contract is going to include things about the design you're gonna cover the Markov process and I got a couple the languages that are gonna be used on a web site if you know them um it doesn't just have to be a web site if you're using an app I guess it could use this contract just worry how you want um now for the mock-ups pretty much sometimes web developers do present full presentations of a website before is created um you can use Photoshop to do this you could use I don't know illustrator whatever it is um many times developers do...