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Good morning guy welcome to Fallon gallon dope in today's video I'm going to show you how to file online immigrant visa but first the first step you need to fill the online agent you need to fill out the need to pay you know the immigrant that the affidavit of support 3, and you need to pay you know the immigrant visas after that you can file at the online non-immigrant, so there are two feet that you have to pay the affidavit of support fee and then the online immigrant fee okay so the other words what we need to pay it all those fee first generally after each payment you need to wait for a couple of week two weeks or at least a long until you can go up to two weeks okay after that you process so in this case we Willie pay the affidavit of sports where we repaid the immigrant visa fee and Weill apply for the online agent so that last that online activity that#39’going toto be the last step so let's up let apply fill out file online the online immigrant visa okay we just click this remembers the address that you need to go HTTP slash c e AC that state.gov/c p AC okay you got it at the top harsh see is it unconscious can for consular electronic application center okay that's what you do, and then you click on ds2 sixty d s to sixty that#39’s message we just click on continue there you go you need a case number and the invoice number okay you need a case number invoice number, so I'm going to enter the case number right here so Will be entered my case number I'm just going to click on continue so aunt you click on your case number continue to behave to enter your invoice number you need the invoice number either the invoice number for the affidavit of support fee or than verse number four the immigrant visas unit issues, so I assume if you'rewatching this you will either the petitioner or the applicant so, and then you enter it, and then you enter the know security character and you press Continue as you can see on this case that application literally choice of agent his choice of agent DD atsixty-one complete with the data and then this is the affidavit of support fee paid that they repaid and then thesis they call it the lock for free thesis the immigrants each paid two feet that#39’ve been paid and then thlasUUPup we're going to start the applications okay this is this step you know after, so there are two type of free they told you here to type of fee the affidavits' affidavit of support fee and the immigrant visa application C okay not application fee must be paid by each person who is immigrating and cannot build and cannot be paid until after Andre see his review from the D s 261so which means definitely you know the online choice of agent is really important, so you need to submit that if you don't submit it you#39’re nogo intoto bebe able to to pay the visa that#39’really importantnt okay snowow that so if they say after you pay the immigrant feature#39’re going to let one week ohonoror twowo weeks okay that#39’s what I diand thenen...
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