If you are selected you must be available to serve the entire FSDO area. The NEB keeps your application After 2 years the NEB win delete the applications of all candidates not selected by a FSDO from the national examiner candidate pool. An applicant must repeat the application process in order to apply for reassignment to the national examiner candidate pool. NOTE FAA Form 87 1 0- I 0 is used by the National Examiner Board for initial designation. FAA Form 87 1 0- I 0 does not supersede FAA...
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how loud is the school bus I don't study at this library often because one it's it's super far away from where I live it's gonna take me at least 40 minutes including the traffic I have to pay to park at this one the other one I don't okay there's a microwave at the other school that I can use this one doesn't have money so it's it has a lot of disadvantages and really the only main advantage it's just that a lot of people there are in dental school or med school or farm schools so they're also studying in that intense environment and that's what you need sometimes I look so orange with the Sun right that is such a weird color sometimes you need that really intense study environment whereas in the public library that I go to there's like older people like shuffling through their newspaper or young kids running around and my community events that are louder than they should be so it's nice to have a library close by but sometimes it's not the best the worst part about driving early I'm so deep frosting from the librarian science I'm not taking off my jacket yet but I'm eventually going to start getting each I'm not one of those people that only uses one in the product or thinks 1q bank is the best q bank that's if I try out what's around in the more practice you get the better right so to me I don't know if there is a best one I just do as many questions as I can now that I'm done with the di T videos all I do all day are practice questions and reviewing the practice questions so right now I'm averaging about a hundred and right now I'm averaging about a hundred and sixty questions a day so it definitely does I'm not gonna film this later because if they share I'm did it it's not going to dry the study room but it's not I think it's my right now so I'm taking my lunch break now a CMAC all today it's annoying then we're gonna go study for about two hours okay well I definitely recorded that okay so we only did an hour and a half study group pulled over some biochemistry questions biochemistry has always been a weak point for me so it was kind of hard I got about 50 percent right which is not good but I'm still working on it my exam is actually in like two weeks a little over two weeks the nerves are real the nerves are here they're present they're strong about 430 right now I got here at 730 and I am exhausted heading home okay guys I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do anything cool I'm just gonna finish studying so I'm gonna end the vlog here remember to like and subscribe and share in common