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brought to you by almond auctions the worldwide leader in antique tractor auctions just outside the city of Ames Iowa lives Eric's zeal an avid classic tractor collector with many low-production variations his impressive collection sold at auction in 2018 with almond vintage power the day before the auction we spoke with Eric about his collection and a few of his favorite tractors yeah we're selling most of our tractors I'm keeping a few that were family tractors and and some that we restored ourselves but it just got too much to keep track of and I was worried that I wasn't spending enough time with him to keep all the seals and and all the fuels and all the tires and and everything up it had just really come time for for him to find new homes and and and to go to people that have more time to take care of them we I just didn't feel like I was doing the justice we needed to to to keep a hundred and thirty two extra tractors around it's way tougher than you think because you know it's like like like this G 706 I every time I get on it it's like I don't think I can part with this tractor but we just have to the unfortunate thing is every single tractor I bought I bought for a reason I it was in addition to its scarcity they're there they're unique and because they're so unique it's like every time I get autumn or we do something to them it's like yeah I know why I bought this tractor or I look at another one or get on it and get it running and it's like yeah I remember why I bought this tractor and I remember where I bought it and I remember the either the farmer I bought it directly from or the auction or whatever was and the story that was with it every single tractor we have has a story of some sort and some you know some really joyous some not so but but every tractor has its own story so selling all of these tractors is really harder than I thought it might be and it's like like this one I moved this one earlier today and it's like yeah boy I don't know I've always liked this tractor it's it's a nice one but but I do it do know in my mind that I just simply don't have enough time to keep them all up and and I think they're they just they just need to go to homes where people can spend time with them well this is a Minneapolis Moline G 706 now they made several seven oh six is it in the six of course is a front-wheel assist the thing that's unique about this tractor they made this one in LP version and this is the only one that was painted this reddish orange and then the traditional Minneapolis yellow and they did also have two Diesel's that they painted Orange the diesels both have subsequently been repainted brown so this is the only true survivor that that has this orangish red paint it was a promotion that Minneapolis Moline did that trade shows and fairs and and and different shows around that where they had the farmers come in and vote...