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Form 410 Revised 2009-Page 1 of 2 The trademarks REALTOR REALTORS and the REALTOR logo are controlled by The Canadian Real Estate Association (AREA) and identify real ...
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REALTOR® has filed a service mark application to register the marks REALTOR® and REALTOR®, REALTOR®, or REALTOR® & © in order to Trademark and/or ... This is a sponsored post written by our members for TheRealDeal.net. The post is written by a member of our blog network. The post has been read 14,979 times. Last Updated: June 29th, 2018. The Real Estate Profession: What is a real estate professional? A real estate professional (RE) is an individual who provides real estate services, and is the chief executive of an organization or organization's real estate agency or brokerage. The main function of a RE is to represent a buyer or seller on the front line during both ... In order to sell a home, you can't just hand the keys to the buyer and expect success. It takes many forms and it's never as easy or predictable as those who take on the buyer. There are many real estate professionals in a variety of real estate fields that can step in and become involved with ... The number one reason for a homebuyers to default on a mortgage is the lack of information available to them when making the home purchase. This happens because they are not told anything about the property, whether its value, its condition, the lender's intentions, or how to deal with ... Homeowners need a financial professional to help them understand and protect their retirement nest egg. This means that a financial professional must be knowledgeable about investing or investing policy, planning your retirement and other financial matters involving your retirement. A real estate agent can make it easier for you ... The biggest misconception people have is that real estate agents cannot help sellers who want to sell their property, or if they can help sellers sell their property, then the agents wouldn't be able to represent a buyer, they also would not be able to sell the property, or any of the properties that it serves to ... Buying a home is a big decision and a huge decision is to get a mortgage. A home loan is a very important decision because it will allow you to buy a home in Canada or overseas. In order to be eligible for a home loan, you need to complete the home purchasing process. What exactly is a home purchasing process? Before you start, you must... The amount of money that you invest in property is one of the biggest expenses in your lifetime with a home
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