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90- Day Performance Review Form Manager to Complete Employee Name Department Current Date Date of Employment Title Current Evaluation Period From To Work Performance 1. Unacceptable 3. Good Comments Client Service Skills The ability to develop client relationships by making an effort to listen to and understand the client. The ability to anticipate and provide solutions to client needs and give high priority to client satisfaction* Team Work Skills effort put forward to making our company a...
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2. Good Comments The ability to develop a work relationship with the client. The ability to understand the client's needs and wants. The ability to effectively communicate with the client to promote success of their project and the client relationship. The ability to understand the client's needs and their goals and deliver the project based on the client's expectations. The ability to make and keep effective records. 3. Good Comments The ability to develop good working relationships and maintain those relationships. The ability to respond appropriately to client requests, requests of others in the office, and the need to work independently. The ability to work as part of a well-oiled team and manage the activities of the group. The ability to work with a variety of people at all levels in a team environment. The ability to listen to and understand the needs of your clients. 4. Good Comments The ability to provide a good work performance. The ability to produce written work samples in a timely manner, based on the needs of the client. The ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, supervisors, and the client. The ability to provide accurate information to subordinates and supervisors. The ability to manage projects effectively and resolve conflicts promptly. The ability to make timely decisions in a fast moving situation. 5. Good Comments: The ability to develop and conduct customer focused training sessions. The ability to manage the quality and quality standards of training sessions. 5. Good Comments: The ability to manage a busy schedule. The ability to work in a team environment with people of all different backgrounds, from junior to senior. 6. Good Comments: The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral language. The ability to work independently, creatively and constructively. 7. Good Comments: The ability to read non-verbal cues such as body language and tone of voice. The ability to make effective impressions of yourself, your team members, and your clients on your clients. 8. Good Comments: The ability to conduct client focus groups. The ability to handle pressure and to meet tight deadlines with professionalism and integrity. The ability to communicate effectively to clients, coworkers, customers, clients to customers, suppliers, and other people. 9. Good Comments: The ability to work professionally and ethically in a variety of work environments. The ability to recognize and respond appropriately to client concerns, and resolve problems. The ability to make and keep client files as a department, and follow and adhere to departmental policies. 10. Good Comments: The ability to work effectively in groups and in a multi-age environment. The ability maintain friendships and personal relationships.
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Instructions and Help about 90day performance review form
Analyst you've been with the firm for about 90 days now how do you feel these last three months have gone pretty well I think I feel like I've ramped up pretty quickly, and I've positioned myself for promotion for the upcoming six-month performance review really analyst let's talk about that casual Thursday's are fine when you are working from home but flip-flops at the client site manager I have athlete's foot, and it really acts up on Thursdays after my long run analyst and just because you wear a tie doesn't mean you can call your ensemble a suit manager sweatpants are so much more comfortable analyst let's move on to the next point I'm very concerned about your health I know you compete in triathlons, but you always smell like bacon that's not healthy oh that it's my new Boar's Head cologne you're picking up on do you like it is contains firm owns that have been proven to attract women also it helps cover up the smell of my athletes foot I see analyst, but now I'm concerned about you but for a whole host of other reasons one more thing I was reviewing your expense report I was hoping you could explain the weekly dinners at Chicago's most expensive and exclusive restaurant Aline were you entertaining clients' manager you don't let me talk to clients good I was making sure manager I thought you knew, but I'm intensely allergic to cheap food plus it's really convenient since it's on my way home and the wine pairing manager you can't go and not get the wine pairing analyst why don't you think about those points when you get home but let's switch gears and talk about the positives what do you think has gone well for you over the past 90 days well the food has been great I really like what my hair has been doing recently okay analyst I'll give you that one I know analyst the one area I think you have made significant strides as your improvement in basic arithmetic you have definitely mastered it yes good talk analyst so can I expect that promotion let's see how the next three months go you
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