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INFORMED CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF PATIENT HEALTH CARE INFORMATION PLEASE NOTE: Daycare Clinic maintains records for care provided by a Daycare Clinic provider within the clinic setting. Medical Records
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ABC News 4 at 1100 a sick day or is it good evening everybody I'm Dean Stephen, and I'm Victoria Hanson let's face it sometimes you just don't feel like going to work, so perhaps you tell a little white lie you say you're sick, but that little fib could cost you big bucks in fact it is estimated that sick days Coffee US economy 273 billion dollars each and every year but a business now booming online will say you a custom-made doctor's note to get you out of work class or just about anything else so is it legal we sent her own ABC News word Joffrey's to investigate in a special report I ordered your notes, and they really worked I wanted to thank you for it, I wasn't really sure about doing it, but my boss changed our sickly policy and totally screwed me in the process a website promoting testimonies of people who say when they don't feel like logging in at the office they skip the doctor and log on to the internet for a quick get out of work excuse your notes were so professional, and they look so great, and it worked just fine best fake doctor's notes botnet promises around 30 phony medical excuses for around 18 bucks the website offers a wide variety of make-believe notes from general practitioners dentists Organs even oncologists make everything online maybe you can buy essays online hypothetically you like it makes sense that you could buy doctors notes, and they look legit there's even phony emergency room visit notes for sick children it'd be hard for me to say no this is fake it's all mostly impossible the website couldn't be any easier to use all you have to do is put in your credit card information and instantly up pops 30 different medical excuses all you have to do is put in your name and some other information, and you're pretty much good to go the site even features a no cost callback verification feature that allows users to set up a callback number an automated voice-messaging system you free till Valley Medical Group we can't take your call right now you can upload a pre-made mp3 file that will sound like an authentic hospital clinic even a doctor's answering machine does it work I hit the streets armed with four fake notes and one real one to see if people could spot the difference this one that's the real one yeah there's a stamp, and they have a have a verification code okay so if you gave that to somebody you would hope that they would let you out for the day I think that they would yeah tell me if you're a boss and somebody gave you that now what you think it was legit yeah yeah it looks legit let you know a little secret yeah that's a favor that's a VAP I can buy that for 18 bucks on the Internet really yeah dang that's that's the real one yeah you're wrong my friend it's not real you can buy that for 18 on 18 why do you think that was the real one because it seemed pretty professional with all these different doctors up here you know that's quite a lengthy process to go through for a fake the site properly features a...
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