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faa form 8130 6

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SW Washington DC 20591 Attn Information Collection Clearance Officer AES-300. TEAR OFF THIS COVER SHEET BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM FAA Form 8130-6 04-2011 All Previous Editions Superseded Electronic Format - PDF FAA FORM 8130-6 APPLICATION FOR U.S. AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE Form Approved O. INFORMATION FOR APPLICANT U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration APPLICATION FOR U.S. AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATE Privacy Act Statement Information on FAA Form 8130-6 Application...
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How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 8130 6

FAA Form 8130 6: Comprehensive Guide to the Application for an Airworthiness Certificate

Operating an airplane doesn’t only sound hard, it's complicated from a legal point of view due to the numerous documents that must be provided to prove an aircraft's airworthiness. It can be made significantly easier using FAA Form 8130 6.

Who needs FAA Form 8130 6?

The FAA Form 8130-6 is the Federal Aviation Administration's standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special). The Standard Airworthiness Certificate allows authorized operation of aircraft of various categories including normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter, transport, manned free balloons and special classes. The Special Airworthiness Certificate authorizes operation of aircraft falling into one or more of the following categories: primary (for pleasure or personal use), restricted, multiple, limited, light-sport, experimental, special flight permit, and provisional.

Acquiring the Certificate is mandatory for aircraft used in commercial operations. The FAA Form 8130-6 must be submitted by the registered owner or owner’s agent of to ensure authorized operation of the plane.

What is Form FAA 8130 6 for?

The Federal Aviation Administration obligates aircraft owners to submit Form 8130-6 for the purpose of evaluating all aircraft data. The information provided on FAA Form 8103-6 becomes a part of the Privacy Act system of records DOT/FAA 80, Aircraft Registration System. The data collected will be used for:

- informing aircraft owners and operators about potential mechanical defects or unsafe conditions using airworthiness directives;

- aircraft accident and air traffic violation investigations, or safety related requirements;

- Preparation of an Aircraft Registry, containing information on aircraft owner’s name, address, US Registration number, and type of aircraft (required by ICAO);

- Department of Transportation Prefatory Statement of General Routine Uses.

Is the FAA 8130 6 Form accompanied by other forms?

The Standard Airworthiness Certificate application doesn’t require any additional documentation. However, there is a provision that when the form is submitted by the aircraft owner’s authorized agent, the form must be accompanied by a notarized letter of authority.

For obtaining the final airworthiness certification it might be necessary to provide several documents after the submission of Form 8130-6, including:

• Aircraft registration documents

• A statement of  the purpose of the aircraft

• Configuration data (3D drawings, photographs)

• Current weight and balance report

• A notarized Eligibility Statement for Amateur-Built Aircraft, Form 8130-12 (if suitable)

When is FAA Form FAA 8130 6 due?

Taking into the account the duration of consideration by the FAA and the mandatory pre-flight checks, it is highly recommended that the 8130-6 Form is filed six months before the first flight is planned.

The period for which the certificate is valid depends on modifications made to the aircraft. The certificate must indicate the current design type and conditions of safe operation and maintenance.

How do I fill out an FAA 8130 6 Form?

The proper completion of the FAA Form 8130-6 can significantly facilitate and speed up the process of the Airworthiness Certificate issuance. To this end, all the boxes and fields should be filled out legibly and comprehensively. The data required includes:

1. Aircraft Designation

2. Type of Certification Requested

3. Owner’s Certification

4. Inspection Agency Verification

5. FAA Representative Certification

6. Production Flight Testing

7. Special Flight Permit Purposes Other than Production Flight Test

8. Airworthiness Documentation (filled out exclusively by the FAA/Designee)

Where do I send FAA Form 8130 6?

The original completed FAA Form 8130 6 must be submitted to a local authorized representative of the Federal Aviation Administration. After considering the application, the FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors shall issue an FAA Airworthiness Certificate. The Certificate must always be carried on board the aircraft, and should be presented upon the request of the aviation authorized representative.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing faa form 8130 6
Instructions and Help about form airworthiness
The following is an actual phone call from an AOP a member to the APA pilot information center well thank you for calling the pilot information center now Rory what can I help you with today, so I purchased us so Cessna 172 in 1962 a year ago and having an annual done on us, we're all finished with just about everything, but he asked it to keep some records from the FAA captain t37 okay we get back, and it doesn't have all the three seven diamonds should one of the particular things that I cannot find because it has an oil filter adapter kit on it, they're no longer oops where I'm wondering is my mechanic once the SPG sport to follow 3-3-7 yep in my logbook it says that key form 337 this cake when you look on this FAA records very funny you're like do program a PRE by inspection on an aircraft is your chance to research and investigate every aspect of your potential investment the PRE bite should include a thorough inspection of the mechanical as well as cosmetic condition of the aircraft in addition the legal status of the aircraft needs to be looked at this includes ensuring that the FAA records on the aircraft are up-to-date an often overlooked step of the PRE by is investigating which STC's are legally installed on the aircraft s T C stands for supplemental type certificate this is a type certificate that is issued when the FAA approves an aircraft modification that was not part of the original design it could be something as small as an oil filter or something as big as adding a set of canards to your Cessna and STC is usually owned by the individual or company that is selling the aircraft modification if you purchase an item with an STC it must be installed in accordance with the procedure outlined in the STC a logbook entry is made and a 3-3-7 form must be filed with the FAA the 3-3-7 form notifies the FAA that the aircraft has been modified the person filing the form must include information that shows that the modification has been tested and approved the STC noted on the 337 represents that approval if a search on a tail number does not contain and installed STC it cannot legally be on the aircraft until a 337 form is refiled because the 337 form must reference the applicable STC you'll also need to find the original STC paperwork as well as we heard in this phone call to the pilot information center it may be difficult to find the owner of the STC the FAA maintains a searchable database of STC is on its website, but it is possible that the STC owner is no longer in business no longer maintains the STC or sold it to another company if the FAA database offers no results the aircraft owner may obtain a field approval through the updated FAA process or remove the modification in question replacing it with an updated STC product if one is an available hi my name is Rodney marts senior aviation technical specialists here at the pilot information center at APA if you have any questions like the video you've just seen why don't you give us a...
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