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END DATE if applicable I am currently looking for work. Indicate the time spent looking for work. APPLICANT S NAME CF2900 11/01 Keep a record of work search activities as you will be asked to supply proof of your activities. CHILD CARE SUBSIDY...
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Who Needs Child Care Subsidy Application?

Child Care Subsidy Application is a form issued by the Child Care Subsidy Service Center in British Columbia. The application is created for the families with income lower than $40, 000 a year. Families that earn up to $55,000 a year may also fill out the application. Also to be eligible to complete this form a parent must be a resident of B.C. or permanent resident of Canada.

What is Child Care Subsidy Application for?

The main purpose of the application is to provide financial aid to the families whose income doesn’t allow to properly care for their children. However, there is a number of requirements that must be satisfied for the family to get financial assistance. They are as follows:

  • Licenced or registered  home

  • Employed parents or parents seeking for a job or enrolled in employment program

  • Parents who attend educational institution or study distantly

  • Parents with health problems that don’t allow them to care for the child in a proper way

Is Child Care Subsidy Application Accompanied by Other Forms?

Child care subsidy application requires specific documents to be attached. Submit a photocopy of the document that proves your resident status in Canada, a copy of employment plan, a copy of the registration in an educational institution or class schedule, etc.

When is Child Care Subsidy Application due?

The application can be completed at any time of the year. Once it’s approved, a family will get benefit plan valid as long as the family is unable to care for the child.  

How Do I Fill out Child Care Subsidy Application?

There are four pages to complete. The form is divided into nine parts:

  • Part 1 is for applicant’s information such as name and address

  • Part 2 accounts for the applicant’s status in Canada

  • Part 3 is for the reason why parents need financial assistance

  • Part 4 is for applicant’s marital status

  • etc.

Where Do I Send Child Care Subsidy Application?

Application must be signed by both spouses, dated and mailed to the Child Care Subsidy Service Center. One copy must be kept for the applicant’s records.

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Please select the version for Fillable Canada CF2900 form
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