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alabama eviction notice

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Alabama 7 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit Date: To: Tenant's Name : and all other tenants in possession of the hereinafter described premises: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the rent is past due on said premises
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Alabama rental laws outlined the rules in the state regarding lease agreements and eviction will overview the laws for standard lease agreements month-to-month lease agreements and eviction standard lease agreement a standard lease outlines the terms between a landlord and tenant for the renting of property a standard leased is commonly a one-year fixed period and the most common and widely used rental contract month-to-month lease a month-to-month lease is an agreement between a landlord and tenant that renews automatically at the end of every month the agreement terminates upon notice by either the landlord or tenant the notice in Alabama must be at least 30 days as required by law required disclosures in Alabama the landlord is required to provide the following disclosures as part of the lease agreement name an address the landlord must provide the name and address of a person authorized to manage the premises whether it be the owner themselves or a management company landlord access in Alabama the landlord is required to provide at least two days notice before entering the property for repairs or any non-emergency reason security deposit laws in Alabama the landlord may only request up to one month's rent at least signing at the termination of the lease the landlord is required to return the money within 60 days eviction laws there are two main reasons for eviction in Alabama non-payment of rent if the tenant is late on rent the landlord can issue a seven-day notice to pay or quit this gives the tenant seven days to pay the rent info along with any penalties or vacate the property if they do neither then the landlord may be forced to seek an eviction from the court non-compliance if the tenant breaks any other portion of the lease other than late rent the landlord may give the tenant seven days to either be in compliance with the lease or vacate the property
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