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Form 433-A Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals February 2019 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Wage Earners Complete Sections 1 2 3 4 and 5 including the signature line on page 4. Section 6 Business Information Is the business a sole proprietorship filing Schedule C Yes Continue with Sections 6 and 7. No Complete Form 433-B. All other business entities including limited liability companies partnerships or corporations must complete...
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Who needs an IRS form 433-A 2012-2017?

Owing taxes to the IRS is not an ideal situation by any means, but sometimes it happens. Whether it was due to a change in your tax situation that you didn’t account for, or to required quarterly estimated payments that you forgot about, it’s important to square away your tax liability with the IRS. You can begin this process with a version of Form 433.

What is the IRS form 433-A 2012-2017 for?

Form 433-A serves as an account of your financial situation (assets, income, expenses, etc) to an IRS Revenue Officer. It is a fairly long form, and you must be very careful when detailing your monthly expenses and expected income, as the IRS will use it to determine how much you must pay each month as part of an installment plan.

Is IRS form 433-A 2012-2017 accompanied by other forms?

You may be asked to complete other versions of Collection Information Statement, such as Forms 433-F or 433-B. Also, IRS officials may request evidence of expenses you report on your financial statement, which is why it would be wise to prepare checks, money orders or other documents that verify your payments.

When is IRS form 433-A 2012-2017 due?

Form 433-A is usually filled out upon request of the IRS official. If you received a request, you will probably find the due date in the letter. Otherwise you may file this form with IRS whenever you would like to apply for extension of payment.

How do I fill out IRS form 433-A 2012-2017?

You can find detailed instructions for how to fill out every section of this form here. Remember that sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and a signature line are for wage earners and sections 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and a signature line are for self-employed individuals.

Where do I send IRS form 433-A 2012-2017?

Send it to the closest IRS office in your area or file it electronically at the IRS official website.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 433a form fillable
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Hello everyone this is Heidi Duran enrolled agent and founder of achievable dream tax resolution today I'm going to show you how to complete before 33 a this is the IRS is financial form it's called the collection information statement for wage earners and self-employed individuals if the IRS has asked you to complete this form that means that you or they or those are looking for some sort of resolution now this form does two things it shows your ability or inability to pay it also shows the IRS what they can collect from you reasonably the IRS tends to assume that you have a lot more than you do for this form is very good for both of you actually it's a little bit of a reality check so as you can see to save time I filled in the obvious information such as your name social and address don't forget your County there I always like to put at least one phone number now if you're working with a representative you're still going to put your number as far as 2 B goes I get a lot of questions about this you're going to list anyone that you pay for so normally that's your children but if you're also taking care of an adult child a dependent adult for example you're gonna put that in here as well whether or not you claim them on your taxes doesn't matter so much in this section you're going to be explaining this section to your revenue officer or your tax representative but you want to include anyone that you're paying for remember we want to show a reality check of what you can or cannot pay now if you notice that I put simply John a Joe and not his wife the reason I did this is because more often than not I do see a joint return but sometimes you get a married filing separate and only one of the people owns the tax so that person is billing out before 33a here's what you do if that's the case if you're a John a Joe and your wife Mary has nothing to do with this tax liability you're gonna put in your name your social your job however you're still going to add your spouse's social date of birth and driver's license number you do not however have to fill in his or her job information now for the job you're going to put in the name of who you work for obviously the address can either be the home office or the physical location where you work they may cross-reference this with your pay stub so I tend to put the home office you're gonna put your work phone number it's going to ask if your employer allows contact at work I always say no you do not want a revenue officer contacting you at work how long you've been there very self-explanatory your job and how many exemptions you claim on you're dead before be very careful of claiming to you don't buy it be like you're filling out this form if for some reason let's say John you take care of these three people here and you claim 13 I've seen it the IRS is gonna scrutinize that once we see this if you have claimed far too much talk to your payroll department immediately about changing your w-4 now moving on to...