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W-9 Form Rev. December 2014 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Give Form to the requester. See What is FATCA reporting on page 2 for further information. Form 1099-K merchant card and third party network transactions Cat. No. 10231X Form W-9 Rev. 12-2014 Page 2 Note. Do not send to the IRS* Print or type See Specific Instructions on page 2. 1 Name as shown on your income tax return. Name is required on this line do...
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What is the W-9 Tax Form?

Tax season brings many challenges and headaches each year. The stress comes to an end on April 15th, but until then, we have to complete our tax forms, calculate taxes and fill in financial declarations. No matter how much money you’ve made during the year, you still have to inform the IRS of your income.

Working as an independent contractor, freelancer or sole proprietor has lots of benefits. Imagine that you don’t have to go to work every day. You can plan your day as you wish. But still you must fill out tax return forms. If you’ve received money from another sole proprietor or company, you’ll definitely receive IRS form W-9 to complete. This form is a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). It is sent by the HR managers of large companies or individuals to their employees who received payments for services provided.

W-9 form is not sent to the IRS. The information in the form is essential for filling out other IRS tax forms, such as Form 1099 and Form 1099-MISC. While completing these returns, the preparer needs to know your Taxpayer Identification Number.  

Form W-9 also serves to certify that your income taxes are exempt from backup withholding. If you complete the request accurately and fully, you can count on an exemption.

Now you know what W-9 is all about, and it’s time to start filling it out.

How to Fill out a W-9 Form?

W-9 form is a one-page form, and it won’t take you much time to complete it. With filler’s powerful editing tools you can do it completely online and skip the time-consuming scanning process. You don’t even have to download the form to your computer or mobile device: Form W-9 can be easily found in the filler’s library of fillable forms.

Use our search engine to find an editable copy of the request. The document opens in the filler editor. The fillable fields will guide you through the PDF making it even faster to complete.

The Request for a TIN has three parts that you have to fill out.

The first part asks for your personal information such as name, business name and mailing address. Here you should also check the appropriate federal tax classification and type in the name and address of the requester.

In the second part of the form you have to provide your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number.

The third part is a certification. Here you can add your legally binding signature and automatically date the request using filler’s tools.

Before submitting the form we recommend following these security measures: Make sure you know the requester and double-check the information you provided in the request.

The IRS form w9 is used to confirm a person's name address and taxpayer identification number for employment or other income generating purposes form w9 is one of the most straightforward IRS forms to complete still that doesn't mean you should be any less careful when handling form w9 than you would when handling other tax and financial documents use only secure channels to fill out and send your w9 you can either get your copy from the IRS website or go to pdffiller.com and get the newest sample of form w9 that you can fill out sign and submit online start filling out your w9 by entering your full name enter your business name or disregarded entity name if different from the name you entered above specify your business entity type according to the federal tax classification if you're exempt from backup withholding enter the exemption code that applies to you generally individuals including sole proprietors are not exempt from backup withholding indicate your business address or home address if you don't have one the only requirement here is that your address should match the one you will later use on your tax return to the next part provide your business's tax identification number this may be either your individual social security number if you're a sole proprietorship or your employer identification number if you're another type of business once all the fields are completed and checked off sign and date your w9 directly in the PDF filler editor save the document to your device or securely share it with your recipient via email fax USPS or SMS.
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