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Go to the webpage www.irs.gov/ptin for information. Follow the instructions to submit Form W-12 and pay the fee. W-12 IRS Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number PTIN Application and Renewal Form Rev. October 2015 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Information about Form W-12 and its separate instructions is available at www.irs.gov/w12. By mail. Complete Form W-12. Send the form along with a check or money order for the fee to IRS Tax Pro PTIN Processing Center 104...
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Who must file the Form W-12?

Anyone who is a paid tax return preparer must apply for and receive a preparer tax identification number (PAIN). EA's also must obtain a PAIN. The PTIN must be renewed annually. For purposes of determining who must obtain a PAIN, a tax return preparer is any individual who is compensated for preparing, or assisting in the preparation of, all or substantially all of a tax return or claim for refund of tax.

What is the purpose of the Form W-12?

Use this form to apply for or renew a PTIN.

What documents must accompany the Form W-12 form?

If you have an SSN and are applying for a PTIN and:

  • you have never filed a U.S. federal income tax return;

  • you have not filed a U.S. federal income tax return in the past 4 years; or

  • you do not have a U.S. federal income tax filing requirement,

then you must submit a paper PAIN application along with two identity verification documents.

You must submit an original or certified copy of your social security card along with an original or

certified copy of one other government-issued document that contains a current photo ID, for instance:

(a) Passport/Passport Card, (b) Driver's License, (c) U.S. State ID Card, (d) Military ID Card, or (e) National ID Card.

If you submit Form 8945 or Form 8946 with the Form W-12, refer to those form instructions for required


What information should be provided?

The Form W-12 contains the following blocks:

  1. Name and PTIN;
  2. Year of Application/Renewal;
  3. SSN and Date of Birth;
  4. Personal Mailing Address and Phone Number;
  5. Business Mailing Address and Phone Number;
  6. Business Identification;
  7. Email Address;
  8. Past Felony Convictions;
  9. Never Filed a U.S. Federal Income Tax Return / Address of Your Last U.S. Individual Tax Return Filed;
  10. Filing Status and Tax Year on Last U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Filed;
  11. Form 1040 Preparation;
  12. Federal Tax Compliance;
  13. Personal Credentials;
  14. Fee; and
  15. Signature and Date block.

How do I file the Form W-12?

There are two ways to file the form:

  1. Online. Go to the webpage www.irs.gov/ptin for information. Follow the instructions to submit Form W-12 and pay the fee. If you submit your application online, your PAIN generally will be provided to you immediately after you complete the application and pay the required fee.

  2. By mail. Complete the Form W-12 and send it along with a check or money order for the fee to:

IRS Tax Pro PTIN Processing Center

104 Brookeridge Drive #5000

Waterloo, IA 50702

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing of paper Forms W-12.

Hi I'm David Williams and i'm the director of the IRS s return preparer office this is an overview for the more than seven hundred and thirty thousand tax return preparers who previously got p tens for 2011 and must now renew for 2012 when you got your p ten we told you it would be good for one year from that date however we've made a change that we think will make the process simpler now all p tens are valid for one calendar year and expire on December 31st so your current P ten is good for calendar year 2011 you must renew it so that you can practice in 2012 the renewal period for 2012 is now underway we expect the renewal process to take just a few minutes of your time when you log into the P 10 system you will notice some new questions these questions are intended to identify those preparers who do not prepare 1040 series returns or who qualify as supervised prepares the non 1040 prepares and the supervised repairs are exempt from certain requirements see our frequently asked questions and fact sheets for more information the renewal process is simpler than the original application still I want to hit a few highlights here to get started go to WWI AS gov backslash P 10 as a returning user you enter the user ID and password you previously used to create your online account don't worry if you don't remember your user ID and password just make sure you have the email address you used to create your account and the answer to your secret question with these two pieces of information you can gain access to the P 10 system if you already have a valid P 10 choose P 10 renewal if you have a valid P 10 but obtained it via paper form W 12 choose to activate p10 online account and use the access code that was mailed to you for the most part you will be verifying prefilled information under personal details contacts and business information once again we are asking if you've had a felony conviction in the past 10 years if so provide an explanation we are also asking if you are tax compliant if you are not again provide an explanation you'll be asked if you prepare any 1040 series returns for compensation if you prepare even one form 1040 for payment then you must answer yes if you hold professional credentials such as CPA's attorneys or enrolled agents you will be asked to verify the information you will need to add an expiration date on any credentials the expiration date was previously not requested you will also be asked a series of questions to determine if you are a supervised prepare for example are you employed by a CPA law or enrolled agent firm are you supervised by a CPA attorney or enrolled agent does a supervisor sign all the returns you prepare if the answer is yes to all three of these questions you will need your supervisors p10 to complete your own renewal finally review your renewal applications summary please look this over carefully use the previous button to make any changes once its accurate hit submit sign it electronically and make...
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