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Once you are done editing this form use File Save menu to save it. Now this PDF form is ready for the mail merge. This will open a PDF form we are going to fill with data this is a simplified W-2 form with just 2 fields Select Plug-ins Mail Merge from Acrobat menu to start AutoMailMerge. Save this spreadsheet using File Save menu and it is ready to be used for a mail merge. Last Name and a data Excel spreadsheet MyData.xls we just created at step 3. Let s start to populate our PDF form with...
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This video demonstrates how to populate PDF forms from data files using auto mail merge for Adobe Acrobat use auto mail merge to populate a single PDF form template with data to produce multiple personalized PDF documents begin with a template PDF form and the data source file the data is used to fill the template form generating one PDF document for every data record sample use cases include filling out government forms generating invoices or statements personalizing newsletters or producing mailing labels while prerequisites are a template PDF form and a spreadsheet or database file software per acquisition bat standard er Pro installed on your computer and the auto mail merge plug-in by ever math how it works every data record is used to produce a single copy of the PDF form what is the output auto mail-merge generates multiple personalized PDF forms a single compound PDF file can optionally be generated and you can email the output PDF forms PDF form has fillable fields any PDF document can be converted into a form by adding fields so the workflow consists of getting a template PDF document adding form fields if necessary and preparing a data file and then running the mail merge to prepare a PDF form open a template PDF document and Adobe Acrobat here as an example let's assume we are trying to fill w-2 forms for company employees open Adobe Acrobat and press the tools button then select the prepare form tool to file select your file and click open start to begin click add a text field on the top toolbar now move your cursor to place a text field in any location you can give fields a meaningful name and then click all properties to edit field properties and move through the tab for example you can select the appearance tab to change text font or size click close when you are finished make the field a proper size so it fits where the text should go and repeat the procedure for every field you need to add again click add a text field move your cursor to place your field adjust its size and you can access the properties of any field at any time simply right-click on it and select properties make sure to make the field name informative this is because we will use the field names later on in the mail merge make the feel the proper size so that the text will fit inside the field change the field position in size at any time all fields will be shown in the list on the right side of the screen it is also possible to paste names into the field name make it easier on yourself to have the match and if a text field needs to hold multiple lines of text simply go to the options tab and check the box for multi-line you can write default values into the box to make sure that the field is big enough for your text now we can pull this box make sure the text fits and it will since we can see those numbers the default values specifying default values allows you make sure Delphis exit your form editor when you are done use file and save menu to save your changes...