Getting Started with pdfFiller

Take a deep dive into the basics of pdfFiller and explore the opportunities at your fingertips for building and customizing digital workflows.
30 minutes
A verified certificate is included
Getting Started with pdfFiller

About this course

This course was created to take students through all the ins and outs of using pdfFiller, including creating, editing, and managing documents.
By the end of this course, you will be able to work in pdfFiller, freely navigate your pdfFiller account, and easily use pdfFiller tools to complete your document tasks.

What does this course cover?

This course helps you get started with pdfFiller by teaching you how to create, edit, and manage PDFs.

Why was this course made?

We created this course to get you acquainted with pdfFiller as an end‑to‑end solution for editing, collaborating, storing, searching, and auditing documents. This course was made to help users optimize their document processes and replace them with digital workflows.

Who can enroll?

Anyone that is interested in learning more about how pdfFiller is used to digitize their document-based processes.
The materials for this course include:
learning resources to start building and customizing digital document workflows with pdfFiller.
quiz to reinforce the concepts you learned.

What you will learn

How to start using pdfFiller
How to navigate your pdfFiller account and adjust it to your needs
How to organize, sort, and protect your documents

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Learn how to manage different document types with pdfFiller

If you have already completed Introduction to pdfFiller, the Getting Started With pdfFiller course will help you continue your digital transformation journey. Provided you are at the beginning of your journey, this course will teach you the basics of how to work in pdfFiller.
Our goal is to make your digital transformation as smooth and painless as possible. Thus, you will receive an overview of the product and its general settings, an explanation of the basics like what is document in pdfFiller, and guidelines for how to organize the documents in your account. You will also get answers to the most common questions people ask when choosing a document management solution.

What types of documents does pdfFiller use?

Apart from PDFs, pdfFiller works with a range of popular document formats, including:
This means you can upload any file in the listed formats (except for XLS and XLSX, which are format options available only when downloading your document from pdfFiller). Once uploaded, files are converted into PDFs you can edit and then save to your device in any of the available formats. pdfFiller works as both a PDF editor and a file converter.
In addition to uploading your file, there are several other ways to add a document to your account:
Find a document in the pdfFiller library containing 25+ various forms
Browse for documents in the US Legal library, an additional service available in pdfFiller that provides legally verified forms
Request the document you need to be sent to you via email by any of your contacts
Create a new document from scratch or from ready-made templates appropriate for different industries
There’s no limit to document types by industries in pdfFiller. Regardless of your business, you always have options to create exactly the document you need and make it fillable in order to collect information and signatures from others.

How to make templates

In pdfFiller, templates are made with the click of a button. Just select the document you want to turn into a template and click Convert to Template in your account. You can also upload a template from your device just in the same way you would upload a document by using the respective option.
Templates help save you time when working with the same types of documents. Prepare the most frequently used document templates in advance so next time you need to send one out, you have it ready to go.

How to organize documents and document templates in a single solution

By enrolling in this pdfFiller Academy course, you will also learn how to conveniently sort and organize your documents. The topics covered in the course include:
An introduction to your account environment
Tabs, tools, and settings for document management
Tags and folders for quick search and arrangement
Security folders for storing sensitive content
After completing the course, you will know:
How to make a good document online
How to easily edit PDFs and operate other formats without effort
How to reduce repetitive actions with document templates
How to freely navigate your pdfFiller account
How to manage different types of documents like a pro
The course is designed so you can learn about the main features of pdfFiller quickly and easily. Enroll in the Getting Started with pdfFiller course and explore the opportunities that come with your pdfFiler account.