Affidavit Of Ownership

affidavit of ownership form
Affidavit of ownership or control orig. dept.: file/i.d. no.: instruction: entities using an assumed name should disclose such fact to avoid rejection of the affidavit. the following format is recommended: corporate/legal name d.b.a. assumed name....
affidavit in support of ownership of firearms form
Affidavit stating ownership of an acceptable gun safe or lock box the gun safe that i possess meets (make) (model) the standards set forth by section 977.50 of the california code of regulations (check all that apply): 1. 2. a gun safe that is...
city of boston affidavit of ownership form
Treasurer's office waukesha county pamela f. reeves county treasurer 515 w. moreland blvd., room 148 waukesha, wi 53188 theresa m. schultz deputy treasurer phone: (262) 548-7029 fax: (262) 896-8037 affidavit of ownership and indemnity agreement...
affidavit of vehicle form
A public service agency a public service agency affidavit for transfer without probate california titled vehicle or vessels only affidavit for transfer without probate california titled vehicle or vessels only vehicle or hull identification no....
affidavit of transfer of ownership without consideration form
Dmv-5-tr rev 11/12 west virginia department of transportation division of motor vehicles i, name of current vehicle owner year model a davit of transfer of ownership without consideration , do hereby transfer to name of new vehicle owner...
ac 8050 88a affidavit of ownership form
Omb control no. 2120-0042 exp. 11/30/2014 paperwork reduction act statement: the information collected on this form is necessary to ensure applicant eligibility. the information is used to determine that the applicant meets the necessary...
affidavit of ownership form
Affidavit of ownership by repossession this form is for nebraska lienholders only. out-of-state lienholders must use a form approved by their state of residence. i representative of secured party being duly sworn deposes and say that is/are the...
form affidavit of ownership
Print missouri department of revenue motor vehicle bureau reset form affidavit of ownership instructions 2635 (rev. 04-2011) "any false statement in this application is a violation of the law and may be punished by fine or imprisonment or both" 1....
affidavit of ownership form
Town of hilton head island community development department one town center court hilton head island, sc 29928 phone: 8433414757 fax: 8433412087 for official use only date received: app. #: form revised 102012 affidavit of...
affidavit of share ownership forms
To be returned with the application for permit or renewal permit affidavit of stock ownership if the applicant for a permit or renewal permit to operate is a corporation, the following affidavit must be submitted along with the application to...
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Affidavit Of Ownership


Prepare an Affidavit Of Ownership Online

An affidavit of ownership is a document, that states something as your property.

It serves as a confirmation of your items being purchased. When dealing with different financial transactions, which imply large sums of money, there may be a range of additional documents required. And sometimes, it’s necessary to provide details of the property being owned or purchased.

That’s why you need to fill in this form. This document shows, that you are the valid owner of specific possessions and explains how they were obtained (purchased, inherited, etc).

Such a statement may be required by a bank in case you want to share, for example, your estate or your vehicle with another person that wants to be qualified as a proprietor. He or she then gets in exchange, the title of the owned object, and is able to decide whether it will be sold or not.

In case an owner becomes bankrupt, he or she can get permission from a trustee to sell the possessions on their own.

How to Complete an Affidavit Of Ownership Form in a Few Steps

This template consists of three pages, so it doesn't take much time to complete.

Enter in the required information into the fillable fields.

Include the following details:

  • Address of the property;
  • Full names of the owner and the transferee, who will receive the property;
  • Personal details of both parties;
  • All costs the new proprietor assumes.

Add the current date and notarize the form with your signatures. Sign electronically and send the completed document to the second party via email in order to get his or her signature.

Note, that this affidavit of ownership letter constitutes a government record as defined by Section 37.01 of the Texas Penal Code. Submission of a false government record is punishable by law.

Attach additional pages if needed, to supply the required names and addresses.