Bank Reconciliation Example

A bank reconciliation is a check between an individual's records (or a company's) and the bank's records. It is vital to control every cash account. Going through the reconciliation process can identify financial errors and unrecorded transactions. Our Bank Reconciliation examples serve to help you fill out your own Bank Reconciliations with increased efficiency and professionalism.

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Bank Reconciliation Example


Description of a bank reconciliation

A bank reconciliation is a document for conducting a check between bank`s and individual`s records. It is a perfect way to find any financial mistakes or unrecorded transactions. Such document is presented to a client every month or at any time by his/her request in order to confirm if all the data provided is true and correct. If there are any discrepancies, a person should immediately inform bank officials about them. A bank reconciliation is usually prepared on the basis of a bank statement that includes data about transactions for certain period such as money transfers, withdrawals etc.

How to prepare a bank reconciliation?

Composing a bank reconciliation is an important procedure that requires great attention. First, you should start with gathering all necessary data. You won`t have any problems with preparing a document, if you download several fillable reconciliation form templates. Choose the most appropriate one and start to insert the data.

A bank reconciliation has to contain the following:

  • date of preparing a document;
  • name of a financial institution where an account is open;
  • client`s name;
  • number of client`s bank account;
  • statement`s date and number and closing balance according to bank statement;
  • amount of deposits in transit (if any);
  • unreimbursed expenditures (if any);
  • specified adjustments (if any);
  • calculation of a difference between amounts (if it points zero, there are no mistakes).

After a document is complete, check if all provided information is correct and all empty lines are filled in. A bank reconciliation form has to be signed by a bank official and submitted to a recipient for approval. For convenience, a person may fill out, sign and submit a blank reconciliation form template online or download on a computer.