Birth Certificate Template

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Birth Certificate Template


Purpose of a birth certificate

A birth certificate is a document that includes records about a person`s birth and identifies he/she by name, date and place of birth. This kind of a document may be needed in many cases, for example when applying to a hospital, for receiving a passport etc. Each birth certificate includes person`s name, date of birth, place of birth and parents` names. A registration officer usually certifies a document with his/her signature and seal.

Sequence of a birth certificate receipt

When a person needs to get a birth certificate or its copy, he/she has to fill out a specific request form first. You won`t have any problems with preparing a request form, if you download several fillable form templates and choose the needed one. To create a proper document a person has to follow specified instructions.

Here find a list of information required for a birth certificate request form:

  • state a person full name;
  • provide date and place of birth;
  • write full names of person`s parents;
  • specify a purpose of request (for instance personal records, legal purposes, retirement, insurance etc.);
  • provide relationship to a person for whom a document is requested (in case an individual isn`t requesting in person);
  • it is vital to attach a good copy of government-issued ID code (if requesting for a child`s certificate - attach a copy of your own ID code);
  • sometimes it is allowed to provide an unexpired passport or driving licence instead of ID card.
  • enclose correct fees to a request form;
  • if for copies remember to state their number;
  • put a signature and forward a document.

After a document is complete, check if all information provided is sufficient and correct in order to exclude any delays and rejections. If a person fills out a printed request form, he/she should avoid any crossings and erasures.