blank divorce papers pdf

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blank divorce papers pdf


Where Can I Get Divorce Papers for Free?

Any divorce process includes preparing the respective documentation. First of all, you must complete a petition. Then, you must collect all the documents which contain information about your marriage and property distributions. Find out the specific rules of your state and find a certain type of form on the website. In case you have children who are minors, you'll need more documents. You can save time and money since you are provided with the ability to file divorce papers online. However, this works only if you and your spouse don't have any disagreements. The most usual issues concern children and there are a lot of details. For example, it must be decided who takes care of the children and who has to provide financial support. You also have to divide your property and debts.

How to Prepare Divorce Papers

You can find the appropriate fillable templates of divorce papers on our website. Before filling out any of them, be ready to provide the following information:

  • divorce case number;
  • your attorney's contact details;
  • your personal information;
  • address of the courthouse;
  • your employer's data, your work schedule, dates of the start and the end of your job, and if relevant, your salary;
  • your educational background, dates, and degrees;
  • taxation data;
  • total income of your spouse;
  • any additional payments (overtime earnings, public assistance, disability or unemployment compensation, etc.);
  • investment income, if any;
  • self-employment proceeds;
  • all personal property benefits and checking accounts;
  • your monthly spending, including health insurance, childcare, utilities, bills, etc.;
  • lawyer fees;
  • any debts;
  • number of children under the age of 18;
  • any other information you want the court to consider.

If you encounter any difficulties completing this document, be sure to consult your attorney.