Family Law Form

What is a family law form?

A family law form is a document a person needs when applying to the law family court. Such forms can be filed for numbers of reasons and purposes. For instance, for developing of a parental plan, for setting a hearing on a motion for contempt, or when a person decides to relocate his/her child or to consider an issue regarding a child support etc.

How to fill out such forms?

When it comes to creating a family law form a person may seek for legal assistance or fill it out by himself/herself. An individual should start with downloading several fillable family law form templates and choosing the most appropriate one. It is required to follow the specified instructions when completing a document.

Here find a procedure of filling out a document:

at the top of a form insert the name of a court;
provide names and address of a petitioner and a respondent (or their attorneys);
in the main text of a document specify the purpose of filing and requirements;
put the date of filing a form;
sign a document.

Before filing a document it is necessary to inform a counter party about your intention. A person should pay attention to the fact that a document has to be signed by both parties, specified in a document, before the notary public. In certain cases a person may be required to attach supplementary documents to his/her family law form. For more information regarding additional documentation an individual may apply to the lawyer.

Before filing a document it is important to check if all details provided are true and correct in order to be accepted and considered by the court. Take advantage of creating a document online with opportunity to sign and submit it electronically. Save your time and send a complete form to counter party for signing by email. If it is required, a document can be easily exported from PDF format to Word.

Video Tutorial How to Fill Out Family Law Form

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Questions & answers

Filing Fees Most Florida counties charge $408 to file a divorce, but a few charge $409. Duval County will penalize you for not having an attorney and will add an extra $12 to the cost.
The Florida Supreme Court will provide all legal forms to you for free. Most family law forms can be found online if you have the time, energy and inner fortitude to search for divorce forms online.
The following forms are common to all dissolution cases, unless otherwise noted: Civil Cover Sheet (Form 12.928). Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Family Law Financial Affidavit. Affidavit of Corroborating Witness (Form 12.902(i)). Notice of Social Security Number (Form 12.902(j)). Service Forms.
Legal Aid Divorce Help Call your city or state bar association to ask for contact information or do an internet search to find them. These organizations provide no-cost (and also low-cost) legal assistance. If you are indigent, they may represent you at no cost and will file all fee waiver papers on your behalf.
The basic requirements for filing a motion to dismiss in a criminal case include: Be in writing and signed by the party or party's attorney making the motion. State the grounds for the case. A copy of the motion must be served on the adverse party. Be sworn by the defendant. Be accompanied by a certificate of service.
If you want to file a motion, the process is generally something like this: You write your motion. You file your motion with the court clerk. The court clerk inserts the date and time your motion will be heard by the judge. You “serve” (mail) your motion to the other side.