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So easy to use and meets all my expectations
Knowing that it's there when I need it. I only use it when I get a new tenant. It also saves my information so I don't have to enter it each time.
PDFfiller has is a great application for my personal and business life
Used to fill out tax and health forms. Used it fill forms related to my real estate business as the forms are repetitive and can be revised easily
So convenient and easy!
I love it. I use a lot of State and local court forms that you cannot save from their websites. With PDFiller I can fill them in and save them for future use. It seems to do everything I need it for.

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A life plan is a roadmap for your life that helps you prioritize what is important to you, make decisions based on your priorities and move toward the life you want. It should provide a clear path for your life, but it should also be flexible. As your life changes, your values and priorities may also change.
11 simple things you can do to plan for the year ahead Plan your professional and personal year separately. Review the past year. Make a plan for the year ahead. Create your not-to-do list. Establish a routine. Set time for yourself. Work on a side project. Commit to celebrating the wins, no matter how small.
Follow this seven-step process to create your life plan. Create a vision. To get started, imagine your dream life. Perform a self-assessment. Prioritize your life. Identify your values. Establish SMART goals. Outline an action plan. Adjust as necessary.
100 Life Goals Ideas Become an inspiration to others. Master a difficult skill. Become a thought leader in your industry. Get promoted to an executive role at your company. Learn about how to become a millionaire. Go on a trip around the world. Travel to your dream country. Double your personal income.
7 Meaningful Goals in Life Develop your Passion into a Career. Get good at being you. Invest in Self-education. Cultivate good habits. Clean up your diet. Travel for Experience. Cultivate commitment in Relationships.
5 areas to include in your life plan Health and well-being. Health is true wealth. Relationships. Whether you're single or in a committed partnership, there are always ways to improve your relationships. Career. If you're unhappy with your current job, you need a plan to change it. Finances. Community.