Photograph Copyright Release Form

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Photograph Copyright Release Form


The Importance of the Photograph Copyright Release Form

When working with professional photographers, a person needs to know that it’s important to have permit for the use of the photos taken. To avoid any misunderstandings between a photographer and a client, both should sign the photograph copyright release form. There are two parts. The first one is meant to get permission from a cameraman and the second is meant to get permission from you.

Generally, it's a good idea to discuss the rights and limitations connected with the usage of any photos before you start collaborating with each other. This will help prevent any problems when displaying or printing pictures, since some printing centers require the person to provide the copyright permits.

Save time Filling out the Photograph Copyright Release Form

The document needs to be shared between the photographer and the one being photographed. Those who have a ready-made sample, need to upload it to their personal accounts. If you do not have your own PDF blank, you may select the one you need in PDFfiller’s library. Open the sample and fill out the required data. Make sure you provide the following details:

  1. Indicate personal information like full name, address, e-mail, and phone number.
  2. Specify if the images are for personal or commercial use. Here you can specify what you want to be done in additional circumstances, like when printing or saving files on a CD, DVD or flash drive. Most photograph copyright release forms include a notice concerning permission for the non-commercial use of pictures.
  3. Also, if necessary, the agreement for the payment of additional charges should be mentioned.

Once you complete your part of the document, send it to the other individual for further infilling and signing. The person can sign a template received by e-mail even if they don’t have a PDFfiller account.