Prenuptial Agreement Form

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Prenuptial Agreement Form


Description of a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement is kind of a document regarding partition of property after spouses are divorced. It is always concluded before marriage. Such agreement helps to avoid or reduce disputes between husband and wife when divorcing. It is subjected to distribution of property or funds after divorce or death of one of spouses. A prenuptial agreement is also useful when a person enters into marriage second or third time or has children from previous marriage.

How to prepare a prenuptial agreement form?

When executing a prenuptial agreement, parties have to be very attentive and discuss all the paragraphs of an agreement in details. Remember that terms and conditions should be suitable for both persons. So, in order to prepare a proper agreement, a person has to download several prenuptial agreement form templates and choose the most suitable one.

Here find some information in order to prepare a good premarital agreement:

  • state the date of concluding an agreement;
  • provide personal data of spouses;
  • provide husband and wife-to-be`s declarations (here spouses declare that they understand the effect of an agreement and its terms and conditions were explained to them);
  • specify clearly obligations of the parties stipulating all necessary details;
  • provide notarial certification;
  • sign an agreement.

It is important to know that an agreement has to be concluded before the notary. Both parties has to sign an agreement and have a copy of a document. In order to save time a person can easily avoid paperwork and prepare an agreement form online as well as print it and fill in by hand. You may sign a document electronically and forward to a recipient to request his/her signature. If it is necessary, a complete document can be easily exported from PDF format to Word.