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Set the Order of Who Can Sign a Document in Egnyte

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Easily edit, combine and eSign documents stored in your Egnyte account from any internet connected device. Transform any document into interactive fillable form with smart digital fields to quickly collect customer information. Add comments and sticky notes to easily collaborate on shared documents. Instantly brand your documents with customizable watermarks and logos.
Set the Order of Who Can Sign a Document

Have you ever needed to send out documents from your Egnyte account for signature?

With pdfFiller you can send your business documents and collect digital signatures on the spot. pdfFiller’s SendToSign feature is an easy way to request signatures that can be added to your PDF or Word document in your Egnyte account.
To get started, click on the required folder on the left and choose a file in the list. Select Edit with pdfFiller on the right sidebar.
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You can send the document out for signatures directly from the editor. Make all the required changes in the document and click the Done button. Select SendToSign from the drop-down menu.
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Select your SendToSign Method. There are two options for requesting digital signatures: SendToEach and SendToGroup.
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SendToEach: Send up to twenty unique copies of the document to be individually signed by each recipient. You will receive a confirmation email as each copy is signed. SendToGroup: SendToGroup allows you to send a single copy of the document to up to twenty people. Once all the recipients sign the document, you will receive a confirmation email.
To create your signature request, add the email address and name of the recipient(s).
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Select the signer’s authentication options. If you choose to enable two-factor authentication, move the slider to the right and enter the recipient’s phone number. The recipient will get a unique passcode via text message. To open the document, the recipient will have to enter this passcode.
Set the editing permissions. If you set the editing permissions to Signature Only, the recipient will only be able to sign and date the document. If you select Full Access, the recipient will also be able to edit the document using all our editing tools in addition to signing the document.
Request a photo for signature authentication. If you select this option, the recipient will have to prove their identity by taking a photo with their webcam before returning the signed document.
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You can write a message to a recipient under the Subject line.
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Add more recipients by clicking Add Another Recipient.
If you select to request signatures using SendToGroup, create an envelope name to label your group. Only you will be able to see this label.
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If you want to change or add the fillable fields to your document and assign them to the recipients, click the corresponding orange button.
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Finally, click SendToSign in the bottom right corner of the page.
The recipients will receive an email with your request to sign the document.
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The link will open the document in the editor where the recipient will be able to sign it.
Application features
PDF Editor
Blackout and redact
Draw arrows and lines
Add comments and sticky notes
Add images and watermarks
Highlight and search
Form Builder & Merger
Add checkboxes, drop-down menus, date and signature fields, formulas and images Define the filling order and add instructional videos to guide clients through the document
Merge PDF, Word, PowerPoint and JPEG files into a single PDF
Create legally-binding eSignatures with just a click
Sign documents when on-the-go on any mobile device
Easily add your handwritten signature to a document using a webcam
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